Thursday, April 28, 2016

Summer Days

 Last week we had some record breaking heat for a couple of days and we loved every minute of it. We took full advantage of the summer-like weather and spent some time at the lake. Paige loved every minute of spending time in the water and soaking up the sun.

Thumbs up for playing in the lake!
 Then we went home and she had some more water fun by running through the sprinkler.
 She is a pro at silly faces!
 And cute ones too!
 Then it was time for some dandelion blowing.
 The next day was nice and hot again so after lunch we headed back over to the lake. She spent a few minutes playing on the playground and then back in the water.
 My little explorer- she loved playing in the mud, drawing in the dirt with a stick, and finding all sorts of rocks to take home.
We loved every minute of having some summer in April!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Letter C

 This week's preschool is brought you by the letter C:

Monday- coloring some things that start with C, gluing cottons balls on a C and talking about clouds, and making a C cat.
 Tuesday Paige helped cut out the circles and made a caterpillar.
 Wednesday she painted and help assemble a paper plate cow.
 Then we went outside and drew with chalk.
 Paige's artist rendition of our family.
 For lunch we had a picnic of cheese and crackers in the front room.
 Thursday she colored and decorate a crown.
 And helped me make cookies. Paige LOVES making cookies. She loves pouring things in the bowl, turning off the mixer, and eating the cookie dough. I love making cookies with her and that she is starting to get a love of helping in the kitchen. Some of my earliest memories of cooking are making cookies with my mom.
 Then Friday she painted with carrots.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Letter B

 This week we did activities/crafts that had to do with the letter B. We had lots of fun and she got the B sound down really good this week and would tell me words that started with B by the sound.

Monday- she covered the uppercase and lowercase B with buttons.
Then we took the buttons off and she stamped the circles with a blue dot marker and she did a bit of coloring.
 Then she made a hand print bat. I traced her hands and one foot and cut them out and taped them together. She added the eyes, nose, and mouth (in the mouth is teeth and a tongue).
 Tuesday- she found all the Bs in the little corner puzzle and drew uppercase and lowercase Bs.
 She also made a bear out of the uppercase B. She helped cut out some of the circles and helped glue all the pieces together.
 Wednesday she made a butterfly out of the letter B. I used two pieces of contact paper and she stuck pieces of tissue paper to one sticky side before I put the other one of top.
 Then for part of our lunch we made a blueberry and banana smoothie that we shared.
 Then for a little bit we went outside and blew bubbles.
 Thursday I traced her body on a big piece of paper and then she had lots of fun decorating it and making it all pretty.
 I didn't do a very good job tracing her but she had lots of fun doing it.
 The Friday she painted with balloons.
I love doing these activities with Paige and I love that it encourages me to teach her, spend more quality time with her, and just have some fun.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Day Trips

A couple of weekends ago we had beautiful weather so we decided to take a little day trip down south. Our first stop was Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge. It has a nice walkway that you go through ponds, trees, the sound. It is a place that has lots of birds and there were a lot of bird watchers there studying all the different kinds of birds and had lots of fancy equipment. It was a beautiful day for us to just be outside and enjoy nature.

This pond was covered with pink algae.
 There was this long boardwalk that went into the sound. We were there when it was low tide so we got to see lots of mud and little ponds and of course the birds.
 Then we took some lunch and ate it at Tolmie State Park to enjoy some more of the Puget Sound.
 Tiny little seashells.
 Nate took this picture at exactly the right time- Paige throwing rocks into the water.
 Then this past Friday it was another beautiful spring and we headed up to Seattle so Nate could get some thrift shopping in and then we drove over to Discovery park. It is right on the Sound with a lighthouse and it was low tide so there was some rocks to turn over and some sea creatures to find.
 Poking all the sea anemone. 
 What a cute couple! :)