Monday, August 31, 2015

Sewing Projects

I didn't learn to sew until I went to college. I had to take two sewing classes for my major and now I love sewing. I love the creative part of it, that I can get an idea from Pinterest and then make it my own or use the free patterns that they have on the site. I love Pinterest! It has so many great ideas. Here are a few of the sewing projects that I have worked on in the past few months that I absolutely love how they turned out.

 I like to give homemade gifts so most of my sewing projects are for other people but that makes it that much more fun to see their reaction when they get the gift. I have an amazing friend who just had her third baby boy and I wanted to make her something that would be a gift to all three of them. So I saw quite a few ideas of this quilt online and then I just ended up making up my own design and going for it. I really like quilting for the reason that I can make my own design. So the quilt I made is a blanket and something to entertain her kids. On each end is three car ports and then the road for the kids to play on. It turned out super cute- not perfect but cute!
My brother's wife Michelle is expecting a baby boy any day now and she had a baby shower this past week. So I had fun making these cute boy things for the past few weeks. They all turned out so cute and I loved making "geeky" things that I knew both Karlton and Michelle would appreciate.
I just cut out a cape and put two pieces of Velcro at the top so you can take the cape off if you want.
Then I made some burp clothes out of flannel. Super nerdy and super cute!
I didn't have enough of the patterned fabric for both sides so I decided to sew the other side with alternately plain colored flannel and to make rag quilt it.
I love this cute little onesie. Some Avenger fabric and buttons and I saw the vest idea on Pinterest and it turned out great and is something I would make again.
 I love, LOVE how cute this turned out. I again saw this idea on Pinterest- black fabric for the suspenders that I just sewed on and then I made four different bow ties that each have a snap on it so you can snap on different bow ties for different days.
 Sharolyn also had a baby and had her baby shower this past week. I had made her a car seat cover that turned out really cute but I forgot to take a picture of it before I mailed it. I had sent it to her soon after she had her baby so she could use it before her baby shower came around. I loved the bow tie onesie so much though that I decided to make her one so that she had a gift to open from me for her baby shower.
 I am now trying to figure out the next project to work on. :)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Another Lake House Visit

 The weekend of my birthday we got to stay at the Lake House again. This time we got extra company though. We were able to watch their three kids while they went to a wedding. It was Thursday night to Sunday morning and we had a lot of fun with these cute kids. We got some really cute shots and Paige loved having some "siblings" for a weekend.

We just stayed at home the entire time and had fun exploring and playing. Avery warmed up to us real quick and loved to be held and would cuddle. Jacob pretty much did his own thing and Paige and Christopher played so great together. Every morning Paige would help me with Avery and get her blanket and pick out her clothes for the day and Christopher would do the same for Jacob. 

The first night it was a beautiful evening so we all went out and played on the swing set and the kids loved playing in the sandbox. The two little ones were covered and had to have a bath but it was fun. (Notice all the dirt in Avery's hair. She thought it was so funny to dump sand on her head.)
 One day while the babies were taking a nap the two older kids helped me make sugar cookies. It was something to pass the time and they had fun cutting out different shapes and they kept asking to frost them so they could enjoy the goodness.
 Nate took the Christopher and Paige out one day and had a little photo shoot with them while they played.
 Pure joy.
 Close up of those long, beautiful locks.
 There was quite a bit of rain during the weekend but after dinner one day it was nice enough to go and enjoy some outside time with all the kids.
 Paige has loved to collect feathers this summer.
 Most of the time we couldn't get Jacob to smile for the camera and I finally got a few shots because he thought it was funny when he could throw a few rocks in the air and then they would land on him.
 Lounging on the beach.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

More Summer FUn

 Nate got a water balloon kit awhile ago and every once in a while he will fill up some water balloons for Paige to throw. He got some great photos of her having some water balloon fun.
 I love her cute, concentrated face in this one.
Aaron and the kids have been here for the past week and Paige has loved having someone to play with constantly. She especially loves Lily. They even got to have a sleepover in her room for a couple nights and just some time for the girls. It has been a lot of fun. 

One night we had some fun at the lake.
 I love, love her curly hair!
 This cute girl would go to the lake every day if she could.