Monday, November 25, 2013

Simple Pleasures

 Paige loves to look outside and to see all the birds and the squirrels. Dale and Margaret have some squirrel feed so one day Paige and Nate went outside and put food all over to entice the squirrels over so that Paige could see them looking out the window. We checked every so often to see if the squirrels found the goodness and finally they came and Paige loved it.
Paige likes to wear her Halloween costume which without the wings is just a cute dress. I don't mind if she likes dressing up because I know that I loved it as a child.

Friday, November 15, 2013

My Little Helper

 Paige loves to help. Anything we do she likes to do also. She loves to sit on the counter while I am cooking and help me pour things in with measuring cups or helping me stir whatever I am making. If she spills something she will go and get a rag from a drawer and help clean it up. If we are sweeping she likes to also have a turn. She is such a good little helper and I hope she continues to be this way. :)

Paige helping mom fill up the bird feeder.
While we were outside we had to take some pictures of our cutie. We have a really hard time getting a good picture of her smiling. She is always moving so a lot of pictures are blurry and if she is just standing she seems bored.
Another silly thing that Paige does is that when we tell her to say please she makes this face instead of saying anything. I am not sure where she learned it but it sure is cute and funny.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Trip to Oregon

 Last weekend we had a van full as we traveled down to Oregon. Anna, Brett, and Peyton along with our little family and Dale and Margaret went down to Oregon for a couple of days. We headed out in the morning and got to Vancouver just in time for lunch.
This little guy hung around for awhile hoping that we would take pity on him and give him some food.
Then we went and took a few hours to look around Fort Vancouver.
It looks like it did back in the day so it was neat to see all the old stuff and just walk around for awhile.
 The sun was really bright and very much in our eyes.
 Of course we had to take some fun photos at the old bathroom.
 I have a silly husband.
 Two cute cousins- this was one of the pictures where they weren't fighting about where each other's hand were.
 The day that we were there they had the blacksmith shop open and some people working in there to show us what it was like back in the day and to answer any questions we had.
 There was a lot of old cannons to look at and climb on.
What Brett does......
Paige does also.
 The wood shop- Paige getting in the coffin.
 She tried so hard to lift one of the cannon balls- too bad they were all stuck together. :)
 We climbed up one of the towers and looked out the windows for a great view.
 Paige ringing the bell.
 The accounting office.
 Nate composing a letter to his lover. :)
 The jail.
 Again what Brett does....
 Paige does also. :)
 We then headed to Mike and Christy's house for some fun family time.
Yes that is underwear on her head. She wanted it on and yes they are clean.
 Here is the main reason so many of the Smiths gathered together. Jake got baptized on Saturday. It was a great baptism.
 After the baptism we had a delicious dinner and all the kids got a turn to hit the pinata and everyone enjoyed some candy to have for the ride back home.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Halloween!

 We had such a fun Halloween. It is so fun having a little kid around for holidays and even more fun now that Paige is starting to understand what is going on. 

The Saturday before Halloween we decided to carve some pumpkins. Paige was not too sure about it at all. She was disgusted by the guts but didn't mind it too much when we were carving.
The look that says it all.
I was helping her carve her pumpkin and the pieces that I cut out she decided to try some of them.
All done!
I decided to add a  spooky message on the back of mine.
Paige loved all the candy! Here she is checking out the candy that Nona got to hand out at trunk or treat.
And here she is checking out the candy we got for trunk or treat.
We all went in the kitchen and realized that Paige was missing and very quiet which usually means she is getting into something and she was busy going through the candy and finding all the suckers. :)
All dressed up for trunk or treat: A bug catcher, a lady bug, and a spider.
Trunk or Treat
Paige has a silly daddy. :)
 Dumping out all her candy from the night.
 I was taking off my costume and taking off my spider "eyes" and Paige grabbed one and put it on. She definitely knows where her eyes are. :)
 Then on Halloween Anna and Scott and the boys came over for dinner.
 Then we went out trick or treating with them. Peyton and Mikey went ahead with Scott so they could go at a faster pace and hit up more houses and then Paige, Nate, and I stuck back with Anna and Brett and went at the kiddos pace.
 Trick or Treat- They were so cute! They took turns ringing the doorbell and if they knocked they each did it. Paige loved to stand right in front of the doormat. Everyone thought they were so cute (which they were)! I loved listening to Paige attempt to say trick or treat and it was so cute when she would actually be willing to speak up and say it along with thank you.
 This is what most people's reactions looked like. :)
 Checking out the goods.
 All of her candy from night #2.
 Happy Halloween everyone!