Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Time is Here

 On Christmas Eve, I spent the morning making rice krispie houses for the kids to decorate. They all had a lot of fun and then once they were done we made some awards for each of their candy covered houses.
 The night starts off with the signing of the board.
 Then the boys get to work preparing the traditional 6 foot long sandwich.
The next generation of boys are starting to help out.
The girls get to sit back and relax and take the pictures.
 Then the kids get to put on reindeer noses and antlers and hold up the sandwich for a picture.

 Next part of this Smith tradition is to carry the sandwich around the house while singing a little song that has been around for years- the kids love it!
 Then it is time to eat!
 Then it is time for the presents- the kids get the presents from papa and take it to the owner. Thank you so much for the gifts Nona and Papa!
 The last part of the night is an eggnog toast to a great Christmas.
 Santa visited our house!
 Christmas day- Paige loved watching all that went on. She ripped some of the paper and had fun with her new toys and things. She mostly just was very observant and loved watching all the happenings.
 We had such a great Christmas and had fun being with all the family. Paige had so much fun with all her cousins. She always seemed to have someone following her around. She loved chasing after Jake's remote control car.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

9 Months

 Paige is 9 months today! She is growing up so fast and is becoming more of a little girl than my little baby.
 Thanks Aunt Anna for the cute outfit!
 This little girl loves all her aunties!
Here is what she is up to:

  • She crawls around everywhere.
  • She is loving all the space to crawl around now that we aren't in a small apartment especially now that we are at Nona and Papa Smith's house.
  • She loves to be chased and will look back to make sure you are still coming after her.
  • She loves phones and remotes.
  • She likes to clap her hands and loves peek-a-boo.
  • She still loves bath time/showers.
  • She loves reggae music and will "dance" to it.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Moving Day

 We made it through another semester! Nate and I were both done on Wednesday so we got to relax and start packing and cleaning. Then on Saturday we moved down to Firth.

Here are a few pictures of our relaxing times- Paige loves ice cream! She must be related to me. :)
 She decided that it was fun to crawl through her tunnel.
 All ready for bed- the hat only stayed on for about a minute.
 Paige had fun helping us pack.
 She will be much more help when we unpack because I would pack a box and she had fun taking the stuff out that I had just packed.
 A little girl in the mix of all of our stuff.
 The moving crew.
 All tired from moving.
 Bath time at our new place.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thanksgiving Break

 Sorry it has been so long since I blogged. I have had problems with uploading pictures because it says that I need to upgrade the where the photos are stored on the internet but I didn't want to have to pay. I finally figured out how to get around the problem without having to pay every month for an upgrade.

We went to Firth for Thanksgiving Break. It was a much needed break and we enjoyed being home and not having to worry about school too much. For Thanksgiving dinner I got to be in charge of the desserts which I loved- I made a pumpkin pie (first one and it turned out great), a apple dutch pie, and a banana cream pie. I also made some homemade twix candy bars which are so good.

These two photos are from before the break but I had to put them on here because they were so cute. The second photo we were going through Paige's clothes and taking too small clothes out of the drawers. We found this knitted sweater and hat that someone in my parent's ward made. Paige was making her famous squished nose face which is so cute.
 Better start early. :)