Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pumpkin Carvin'

 We had a great time carving pumpkins on Saturday. Nate carved the main pumpkin, Paige painted her own little pumpkin, and I went through all the pumpkin guts and got the seeds out and cooked them. It was a great pumpkin filled night!
Maybe one day Paige will want to touch the guts of the pumpkin. Every year she has wanted nothing to do with the inside of the pumpkin.
 Her parents are kind enough to keep torturing her. :)
 She helped a little with the spoon....
 She was much more content with painting her own pumpkin. 
 She started mixing all the different color together and kept entertained the entire time seeing what color would appear on the plate when she mixed two colors together and then would find a space to put on her pumpkin.
 Once Nate was done she decided to poke some holes in the pumpkin and do some "carving" herself. She saw Nate draw some of the design on his side and so she wanted to draw on her side of the pumpkin too.
 Scary daddy.
 Paige's beautiful artwork on the other side of the pumpkin. Proof that she is getting good at writing Paige, Mom, Dad, Nona, and Papa on her own.
 Nate's finished artwork.
 My finished product of roasted pumpkin seeds. They were pretty good.
It was a great evening!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Thomasson Family Farm

 Paige and I went to this farm last year just the two of us and I love this farm. This year I was invited to go with Margaret and Anna and her boys. It is always fun to go with them! I brought my camera and was excited to get some really great pictures but then realized that I left the camera card at home so all the pictures I got were on my phone so not the greatest quality. It was a great couple hours and it was a bonus that it was a beautiful day!
 Nona milking the cow.
 She makes a cute little witch.
 She loves to write her name these days and she got to practice on the chalkboard they had. The last few days she has been using up all the envelopes by writing letters to all of us. She now knows how to spell her name, Mom, Dad, Papa, and Nona all by herself. 
 She was doing it a little backwards. Most of the kids got on the horse to lasso the cow but she decided it was better to sit on the cow and lasso the horse.
 Next was the corn box. We always love the corn box.
 Then we went to pet the animals- the cutest kittens, bunnies, goats, pigs, a horse, and some cows.
 Then we went to the corn maze.
 And then the tractor ride. Paige still insisted that I go with her. 
 Then we went to the pumpkin patch and looked around and waited around until our hay ride.

 You know it was a great activity when the the kids fall asleep in the car on the way home.
All these fall activities are so much fun!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

October Happenings

 This year I have not been good about doing all those fun things I did last year with Paige but we have had some fall fun and we have done quite a few Halloween crafts. Paige loves doing crafts! Good thing I have Pinterest to give me all these great ideas. 

We have had some beautiful fall days and here is some of the fun things we have done this month.

Splashing in puddles. And I love those beautiful locks!
 Riding bikes. She has recently switched from riding a trike to this big bike. She is getting pretty good.
 Anna and the boys came over and we made spider cupcakes.
 Yummy frosting with black sprinkles makes for a messy but cute face.
 Last Saturday our little family headed to Issaquah and went to see the huge salmon at the fish hatchery.
 There was a little park right across the street from the fish hatchery and Paige enjoyed it for a little bit.
 Nate decided to do a quick fall photo shoot. We have a pretty adorable little model. :)
 Then the other night the Hanis boys were over and so we dipped some apples in some caramel and had some crushed Oreos and sprinkles to decorate the apples.
Paige decided to finish off the rest of the crushed Oreos.