Friday, November 23, 2012

Eight Months

Paige turned eight months along with the celebration of Thanksgiving. We love being her parents- she is such a joy and we love her so much! Here is what she is up to:

  • Her first tooth broke through.
  • She loves fruit and is not quite sure about vegetables.
  • She is a pro at scooting and started yesterday trying to crawl.
  • She sucks on her binky a lot more but this could be because of her tooth.
  • She pulls herself up on her knees most of the time and sometimes to standing position.
  • She loves hide and seek.
  • A few times she has gone from crawling to sitting though all the times this has happened we haven't seen her actually do it but look over at her and she is sitting.
  • She still loves her blanket and bath time.
  • She is such a smiley little girl.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Preschool and Snow

This past weekend I did a lot of things for my preschool lesson that was on Tuesday. This past Tuesday was my last time teaching for the semester and I am so glad it is over. I am also grateful that I can go to my parents house and my mom is so willing to help me with my school projects. My mom cut out a lot of different things for me while I made these cute fire trucks for the kids. It was a fun project and the kids really had fun with them and with the whole theme on fire fighters. I am again so glad it is over now so I won't have as much stress for the rest of the semester and I can just worry about my other classes.
 These pictures were from the first big snow fall we had. It was pretty scary to drive in mostly because I was going to the school a little after 7 and some of the roads hadn't been plowed yet. Once it kind of stopped snowing and the sun came out we took Paige out so she could get her first feel of snow. She wasn't quite sure about it and I don't think she really liked the coldness on her hands. We've had snow a few times since and I am not going to lie I am really not looking forward to living around here in the winter. The last few years I have enjoyed Washington winters where there is hardly any snow and where it is a lot warmer compared to Idaho. I really hope it is a mild winter mostly because I have to drive to Ririe everyday to student teach.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween!

 Last Friday we went to Derek and Amy's trunk or treat for their ward. We got to their house in time to eat some dinner and dress up. Dressing up was pretty entertaining and fun. I haven't dressed up for Halloween in  quite awhile so it was fun to play dress up. 

A cute, little spider
 Two very cute fairies and one cute little spider.
 Family Pic: A Mexican on a donkey, a spider, and Wonder Woman.
Derek using his theater make up skills to give Nate a mustache.
 Han Solo and another pretty fairy
 Face Painting
 Harry Potter and a cowgirl.
 Paige wanted some candy too.