Saturday, September 22, 2012

6 Months

I can't believe this little girl is a half a year. It seems like just yesterday that she entered the world and joined our family. She is such a joy and we love being her parents!
What Paige is up to:

  • She weighs 13 lbs 5 ounces and is 24 1/2 inches long
  • She loves to blow bubbles and vibrate her lips together
  • She got an exersaucer from Nona the other day and she loves it! It is so nice because it entertains her for quite a while which allows us to get things done. :) Thanks Margaret!
  • She is very animated and loves to make all sorts of noises- grunts, yells, squeals, etc.
  • She is an expert at rolling from her back to her belly. The other way isn't quite as good but she is getting her.
  • She is good at getting things around her by spinning on her belly.
  • She loves to grab at anything in reach and in sight.
  • She always want to look out and see the world around her. She is a very observant little girl.
  • She still loves to stand, be outside, and bath/shower time.
  • She is starting to able to sit up with some support.
  • She loves to smile and is starting to laugh more but is very particular at what she laughs at.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Spud Days

 This past weekend we went to Firth and enjoyed some time with family. Saturday bright and early we went and watch Derek, Amy, Sharolyn, and Dad run the Spud Run. We got there late so we missed Derek finishing and also I didn't even notice Sharloyn finishing until it was too late but here are Amy and Derek finishing.
 Paige all bundled up enjoying the race. She was a tired little girl.
 After the race we went to Derek and Amy's and had some breakfast and then we went and watched the parade and got lots of candy. My mom stayed back with Charlotte and Paige but we went with Derek and Amy and Juliette. Since Juliette is so cute we got lots of candy thrown to us.
 The very big potato in the parade. Later in the day there are a whole bunch of fun things to do at the park for the Spud Days but we decided to go to my parents house and get things done like work on the car, laundry, and homework.
 The other day Paige was peeking at me from her crib. It was super cute!
 Lately the sun has been super pink and reddish from the smoke from fires and the harvest. It is kind of weird to see.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Trip Home

Well we had to leave Washington for school even if we didn't want to. We enjoyed our time so much in Washington we really didn't want to come back to "real life". The car has had some problems and Dale and Nate had been working dilligently on it but the problem seemed to by a mystery. They figured out tricks in order to get the car started and we felt like we were good to go. We made it to Gary and Dana's home for the first part of the trip and the car did pretty good. So we headed out for the second leg of the trip and had to stop in Missoula, MT for gas. Once we got the car filled up the car wouldn't start. This has happened before and sometimes when we have given the car some time to cool down it would start right up but this time the car just gave up on us. We made all sorts of phone calls and after spending four hours at the gas station, a very nice bishop towed our car to the closest hotel where we could wait in comfort for my parents to drive the five hours in order to get us back home.
Paige enjoying her first time in a hotel.
Our hotel was right on this beautiful rive and right across from the University of Montana. We enjoyed the evening by walking down by the river and around campus.It was interesting to see the difference between BYU-Idaho and the campus there. I felt like I would have had a completely different college experience if I went to a different school.
 Our hotel on the river.
 Paige's bed for the night- a dresser drawer with towels in it. She didn't last very long it though. Most of the night was spend in our bed.
 Getting the car all set up to tow it home.
 Poor car- I really hope we get it fixed so that we have a dependable car again.
We started school this week and while our car sits at my parent's house, we are borrowing a car from them. Hopefully we can figure what to do for the car soon and I'm sure everything will work out because it always does even though sometimes it not always how we imagine it.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kayaking and Mount Rainer

 Monday night we went on the kayaks out on the lake. It was so relaxing and fun to enjoy some time with Nate.
 What a cute couple!
 On Tuesday we made the drive up to Mount Rainer National Park. It was fun to see Mount Rainer so close and enjoy the beautiful weather and nature. It was very entertaining getting to the top because Nate was so scared because of the drop off on the side of the road.
 We even got to see a bear.
 Old Man's Beard for Paige.
 We had a nice little picnic before we went on a small hike.
 Sunrise Lake
 Then on the way back home we had to stop and get some pictures of the White River.
 Nate took a few pictures and put them together. This was our great view that we got to enjoy.