Friday, February 20, 2015

Everyday Moments

 I love my little girl so much and all the everyday moments that make me smile and laugh. She is one silly girl who is very happy and loves to have fun.

Nate found this awesome toy at the thrift store. It is a checkout thing for Paige to play store/shopping. It has a little conveyor belt that moves and you can scan the items you are getting and type in numbers if you want. It also has a little thing for change and a card slider and a place to sign your name. Paige has it down perfectly on what to say. It is so cute to watch. She loves it and she would play it all day if only mom and dad were willing to do the same. :)
Nate had a little photo shoot with Paige one evening. She is the perfect little model.
 I love the joy in her face.
 Another day Paige and I went for a little swim. She also loves the hot tub and loves being in the water.
 And she loves her Ariel swimsuit. Everything princess for our little girl.
 Paige and Brett are becoming quite good friends and play really well together. This particular day they were cooking up some food and made their own lunch.

Taking turns saying the prayer to bless their food.
 We are in the adjustment days of trying to figure out if a nap is worth it or not. When Paige does have a nap she is usually awake until 11 pm. So we are having nap on some days and other days we will skip out. We see if she acts like she needs one of not. On this day she said that she wanted a nap but when it was time to wake her up she was not ready to get up. She slept on Papa's lap while the rest of us ate dinner and then she slept on my lap for quite awhile. I loved it. Paige has never been a cuddly kid and her sleeping on me hasn't happened for a LONG time so I enjoyed every moment of it even though she was up really late that night.
 On this day she was being so silly. She was making one face over and over while working on a puzzle and would laugh at herself. Then she started making all sorts of faces so Nate got the camera. She would make a silly face and then want to see the picture on the camera. Then it led to different silly poses. We were all laughing throughout all the whole photo shoot.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day

 We had a fun Valentine's Day. Nate and I went out to dinner on Wednesday so we didn't have to fight the crowds and so Valentine's Day we just enjoyed staying home and being together. We got each other small gifts. Paige got two new stuffed animals and some candy.
I got Nate some of his favorite snacks and made him this love lottery.
 Nate got me some chocolate and this adorable card. My husband loves me a lot! :) The front of the card he drew a picture of a guy with his pants a little bit down so you could see his bum crack.
 Then I made some pink crepes with melted chocolate chips and strawberries.
Nate went to an estate sale with Margaret and Anna so I stayed home with Paige and I made ravioli for dinner.
 Then after lunch we headed to the park for a little fun in the sun.
What style this little girl has. She was decked out for Valentines day- everything heart, red, or pink.
 Then Anna and Scott and their family came over for dinner and it was a delicious dinner followed by some Valentine games and a movie. It was a fun day!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Birthday Tribute

Today is this beautiful, wonderful, amazing women's birthday. I miss her dearly and wish I could talk with her again and give her a hug and have her give me that grandmotherly squeeze with her hand that she was perfect at, that made me feel loved. I miss her cookies and the smell of her house which brings back memory upon memory. I miss picking raspberries with her. I miss playing in the ditch and catching water skippers. I miss exploring the outdoors and catching salamanders and watching the animals. I miss sleep overs and playing house and dress up for hours on end with chap-stick makeup that would cover our faces. I miss her cooking and being able to pick out these tiny little forks and spoons that would make the meal that much better. I am grateful that I got the love of cooking and the love of chocolate from her. I also believe I got the love of sewing from her. It was deep in my genes and took me until adulthood to realize that it was there. I miss her flower gardens and all flowers remind me of her especially purple pansies. Watching her that last week of her life was very difficult mostly seeing my grandpa lose his dear wife. They are an amazing example of marriage and how you go through life together no matter what comes your way and love each other until the end. Now whenever I hear the hymn, "Each Life That Touches Ours For Good" it reminds me of her and the wonderful women and grandmother she was too me. I love in this hymn the third verse which says "When such a friend from us departs. We hold forever in our hearts a sweet and hallowed memory bringing us nearer, Lord, to thee." I know that my grandmother is busy in heaven bringing joy to those on the other side and that she is busy being a guardian angel to her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. I love her dearly and miss her with all my heart and I know one day I will see her again!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Valentine Photo Shoot

 I have such a cute little model so I decided to have fun and do a Valentine's Day photo shoot. She is such a little cheese head but is still as cute as can be and I will love her forever and she will always be mine. :)