Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Birthday Girl

 It is crazy to believe that Paige is 3 years old. The time has gone by so fast and I love being her mommy.

Every year on their birthday the Smith kids get measured. 
I made Paige a new dress for birthday and Easter. Amy had me make her three girls the same dress with different material and since I had the pattern I decided to use up some fabric that I had. It turned out super cute! She was being a little stubborn for the picture but is still a cutie.
 Paige wanted a princess party so for dinner we had crown shaped pizza that everyone got to make their own.
 Then I sent the kids on a princess scavenger hunt. I used all of Paige's glass slippers and each clue had to do with the princess on that shoe.
 I made Paige a castle cake. It turned out pretty cute not perfect but it was still fun to make.
 Paige refused to blow out her candles so I did it for her but Paige did love eating the frosting off her cake. 
 She loved opening her presents and was so happy and grateful for what she got.
 Her last gift was her favorite and she plays with it daily.
 Shopping is a daily thing we do nowadays.
 Daddy reading the birthday girl her new book.
 The next day Paige got to decorate her princess mirror from Nona and Papa.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

March Fun

 We have had a busy couple of weeks and it will continue to be busy for the rest of March. We like being busy and having fun.
Anna, Margaret, and I went to a local TV show called A New Day in the Northwest. We had a lot of fun and it was fun watching our reactions and ourselves on TV and we tried to recreate the moment for Nate. Nate was amazing and watch the Brett and Paige and got Peyton and Mikey to school. He's a keeper! :)
We had a fun St. Patrick's Day. The day before we had to search through all of Paige's clothes because we told her about being pinched and she did not want that. For breakfast we made our daily french toast green.
Then we did a little rainbow craft. Paige loves doing crafts and she loved doing this one. She helped me sort the fruit loops and then we both put them on the glue.
 What a cutie!
 Anna and Scott and their family came over for dinner and we had the annual corned beef and cabbage and potatoes. Holiday are so much fun with kids!

This weekend Nate's roommate from college, Tom came into town for work and got to stay with us. We stayed up late talking and reminiscing which was so much fun and today we had half the day just to relax and have fun together. We decided to go bowling after dinner and it was Paige's first time and she loved it.
 She loved doing the bowling herself and wanted to help us on each of our turns. The thing that she pushed it down was a little bent so it took us awhile to get it just right so it wasn't a gutter ball but when she did hit a pin even if it was just one it made her so happy and she would have a big grin and give everyone high fives.
 First game.
Trying to push it will all her might.
 Tom even let her in on his turn.
 Second game- the two strikes that Nate got were both done by Paige!
 Paige is a pretty shy girl and it takes her awhile to warm up to people even family. It was amazing how fast she warmed but to Tom. She loved him. I asked her if she like Tom and she said, "Yes. I like to talk to him. He is funny." She loves playing with him and she thinks he is so funny. It has been a great weekend with him and we hope he comes and see us again and maybe one time he will bring Arianne and their two boys.
Now onto the next fun thing- tomorrow Paige will be THREE!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Loving the Sun

 We have had some beautiful sunny weather and it has been wonderful! A few weeks ago we went to the Puget Sound. We stopped at Safeway and got some food for a picnic and enjoyed the beautiful weather and the scenery. 
We first ate our lunch and then we walked around finding pretty seashells.
Then we headed over to the bigger rocks so we Nate could flip them over to see all the little crabs hiding underneath. Paige was not a fan and scared for the first one but after that she loved it and was quite interested as long as we watched from a safe distance standing by me.
 That cute face studying the crabs crawling away.
 Family Selfie.
 There was a playground there that we played at for awhile and then Paige enjoyed drawing and playing in the sand.
 You know it was a fun and busy day when she falls asleep in the car.
 Today was another gorgeous day and Paige got this adorable new dress at the thrift store so we had a little photo shoot.
 Open mouth kiss......
 I love these two so much! They are my whole world!