Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Best Friends

 Something that Paige wanted for her birthday this year was to go to Discovery Play Town in Maple Valley with Addison, her best friend from school. On the 9th there was no school so I figured it was the best day to go. These two are so cute together and have so much fun. They are very much alike and we loved having Addison with us for pretty much the whole day.

These two had fun running from place to place and playing with all the fun things they have. Baylor did awesome which was something that I worried about. She loved being in the front back facing out and just watching all the commotion. We took a quick break to go to a McDonald's that was close by for lunch and then went back for some more fun.
 Then we went back to our house where they played with play dough, did some crafting, and played outside for a bit. They are so cute and I love that Paige has such awesome friends especially Addison.

4 Months

 Baylor is 4 months old! She is the cutest little thing that is quick to smile and loves people talking to her. Just the other day while I was shopping Baylor gave a lady a big grin and she told me it made her day. It makes my day every day seeing her smile and seeing her grow.
Here is what Baylor is up to at 4 months:

  • She loves it when anyone will talk to and interact with her and gives lots of smiles to whoever it is.
  • She loves to be held, facing out so she can see the world. Papa always takes pity on her if she is laying on the ground and will carry her all around.
  • She has found her voice and is loud with her coos, squeals, and gurgles.
  • She LOVES to be outside! I'm excited for warmer weather so we can start to go outside even more.
  • She is getting really good at using her hands and loves to grab anything she can get her hands on. She doesn't quite know how to hold on for very long and hasn't quite figured out the idea of putting everything in her mouth but I know it will only be a matter of time since she loves putting her fists it her mouth.
  • She gets super excited when you go to pick her up.
  • She still wakes up every 3ish hours to eat even at night.
  • She is pretty particular and already knows how to let her voice be heard if she doesn't like something.
  • She still loves the water and is starting to really love her blanket and gets excited when you put it on her and she will rub her face in it and put it in her mouth.
  • She loves to be sung to and to be tickled. She is starting to laugh more and more.
  • She is not a cuddly baby. Sorry Nate another non cuddly kid. 
  • At her fourth month appointment is weighed 12 pounds 3 ounces. She is small in height and weight but Paige was the same way. As long as they stay on their own path of growth it all works out.
A few more pictures of the cutest little baby!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Family Get Together

 Dale and Margaret are leaving on their mission the end of this week so the first weekend of March we planned a surprise get together with the whole family so they could see all their kids before heading out for the year. The surprise part was going well until Saturday morning when Aaron and Rachel called and said their transmission went out. We had to do some readjusting in the plans but we got everyone here and we had a great weekend. 

Saturday was a gorgeous day and we all spent most of the day outside playing badminton, pickle ball, skating, bike riding, and swinging. 
 I was impressed that he still had it in him to do some of his skateboard moves. I can't even stand on a skateboard without falling off.
 Paige loved the skateboard too and was much better at it than I am.
This girl is constantly in Pop's arms and loves it.
 The girls cousins had so much fun together and Paige and Carly were off together the entire weekend.
In the evening before dinner we went over to Covington Community Park to go on a walk and throw the footballs and frisbees. It was so great to be outside most of the day!
 They didn't like staring into the sun. :)
 Then we all heading back home and we left the older kids in charge and all the adults went out to eat dinner. It was so nice and fun to visit with just all the adults.

Sunday was a pretty chill day. We all went to church together and Mike and Christy left right after church and Robert and Christy didn't come down. We enjoyed visiting throughout the evening and had a nice relaxing day.

Monday Aaron and Rachel and their kids were still around and they spent most of the day here. Paige was suppose to do go to school but was super tired and emotional and then her cousins arrived and I didn't want to fight it so she spent the day playing with Carly. They had a lot of fun together especially playing dress up.
It was such a fun weekend and it was good to be all together. I just hope we still get visitors once Dale and Margaret leave. :)

Thursday, March 1, 2018

February Update

 It has been a busy month and I haven't taken very many pictures so I thought I would do a quick update with the random pictures from our phones. 

Paige loves to coordinate clothes with Baylor and she wanted some pictures in these matching pjs before Baylor got too big for hers. I love these two so much and they make me so happy!
Paige is such a fun girl and thinks of the silliest things to do to get a reaction from us. She is very much like Nate in this way. She decided to wear Nate's clothes and she looked so funny in them that we had to get a quick picture.
 Paige loves school so much and what makes it the best is that she has a best friend named Addison. They are so cute together. They are both kind of shy but when together they have so much fun. They have gotten together two times outside of school and they just love being together and I love seeing Paige have such good friends.
 At the beginning of February Nate applied for a full time job working for the city. It is the same position he has been doing for the past few years as a seasonal and decided to apply for the full time position that just opened. He had an interview on the 13th and he got all dressed up. We had fun taking some before and after pictures and he cleans up good! He looks so great and I love the new hair cut even though Nate misses the long hair. His interview went really well and then on the 14th he found out that he got the job!
 We had a nice and simple Valentine's day. We got the great news about Nate's new job and Paige got to take Valentines to pass to her classmates at school. We had fun the few days before putting them all together and she was so excited for the day and got all dressed up with everything hearts- heart shirt, heart pants, and heart hair ties. She decorated this cute bag for her Valentines to go in.
 Then we had dinner and Paige loved helping me set the table and make it look fancy and cute for our Valentine's dinner. It was her idea for the centerpiece and I loved listening to her process what she wanted to do and seeing what she came up with. She is very creative and already has a eye for design.
 Nate got us these beautiful necklaces- the two hearts on mine have the names of the two cutest girls who I love with all my heart.
I have been the primary chorister for the past year and a half and I love it . I do it every other month and it is so fun to have something to plan. For the Sunday after Valentine's day I taught the kids a song about bishops and we talked about all that the bishop does for us and we heart attacked his door to his office at the church. The kids had a lot of fun doing it and I know that Bishop Mitchell appreciated it.
 The past month has been busy mostly with packing and going through everything. It was our last month in our apartment. We are moving in with Nate's parents and will be taking care of and living in their house while they go on their mission for a year. Moving is exhausting but it was good to go through everything and get rid of stuff. I didn't think we had that much stuff until you start moving it all and it adds up. The past two days were filled with deep cleaning so that we can get our deposit back. It was so tiring and at times difficult with a baby but she gave me breaks and did really well.
 Here was her last nap in the apartment while I finished up the last few things before the walk through and turning in all our keys.
We almost lived in the apartment for two years and it was really good for us. I loved having my own little space to decorate and it was really nice that it was brand new. There were a lot of good times and memories made here. Paige went through preschool and started kindergarten while living here. It was nice to be right next to the school so that I could just walk her there. It was fun to have the school park right there for Paige during the summer. I loved walking to the store with Paige when Nate had the car for work. I went through the entire IVF process while living here. I found out that I was pregnant with Baylor and gave myself countless shots in this little home. I loved the view from our balcony of the trees and the sunsets and how we constantly had hummingbirds come to the feeder. I got to meet a lot of new and interesting people. I got to experience what is is like to have a shooting in the parking lot and being home during the lock down. There were lots of little everyday moments here from the tears of life and also the joys of life. This little apartment was good to us and we are excited for the next chapter of our lives.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Life With Two

Life with these two has been so sweet but also tiring at times. I think I got so used to having just Paige around and she is at an age where she has been sleeping through the night for a long time and can do most things on her own so switching back to newborn thinking was a definite change. The lack of sleep I think has been a real challenge for me but I am slowly adjusting to it. I feel like I need to be so much better at spending more time with Paige. Baylor requires a lot of attention since she is a newborn and feedings take up a lot of my day. It is strange that sometimes I miss those days where it was just Paige and I and our little moments together but Baylor brings so much joy into our family and fits in perfectly. Life is funny that way where you always look to the future but you miss those special moments and memories from the past. I have wanted another baby in our family for so long so when there are days that I am super tired or have had enough of the crying I feel guilty for having those feelings since I had to deal with all the hard times with infertility but there are so many moments that I can't believe I finally have this little one in our lives. It is a different stage of life in our family and we are getting used to it more and more and I love seeing how much Baylor lights up when Paige is talking to her and how Paige loves to help and hold her little sister. I think Paige will enjoy it more and more as Baylor continues to grow and becomes more mobile.

I am so lucky to have such two incredible and sweet little girls in my life. They bring me such joy and happiness!
Nate has been so incredible during this transition in our lives! I am so lucky to have him as a husband and a father to our children. I hope that one day Paige and Baylor find husbands that are as amazing as their dad. He has transitioned to having two kids so amazingly. He is great at spending time with both of them especially Paige since I have to feed and take care of Baylor often. He is great at taking initiative in helping out when he can sense that I am at my wits end. Baylor likes to fight sleep and we often take turns trying to get just the right touch in helping her fall asleep. Nate has been so amazing with my slow recovery from having the C-section and doing all that he can to help. He often does the dishes and cleans up around the apartment without being asked to. He entertains both girls so every once in awhile I can get a nap in during the day. He always says thank you to me for making dinner and always knows the right thing to say to me to help me out when I am feeling down. I love that he makes me laugh and that I get to have him by side for this life and for the life after. I am one lucky wife and mom!
Here are so more daily moments with these two cute girls of mine!
We had a couple beautiful days in January and one of them we spent at Dale and Margaret's enjoying the sun.
We are also lucky to have Nate's parents so close and we are over to their house very often. Paige and Baylor are lucky to have such amazing grandparents who do all sorts of fun things with them.

One evening Dale and Margaret came to our apartment and Paige had a make-up store open for them.
Seahawk girls!
I love you Paige and Baylor! You make life so sweet!