Monday, July 16, 2018

Titlow Park

 Friday we checked out a new park on the Sound- Titlow Park in Tacoma. This park has a playground and splash park but also if you got on a little walk then you go to the beach right on the Sound. When we first got there it was super crazy! It was a hot day and the parking lot was full since everyone wanted to go to the splash park. Nate ended up dropping me and the girls off while he drove around. I packed everything and found a great spot under a tree for shade to have our picnic. During this time someone happened the leave at the right time and Nate found the perfect parking spot in the shade. We had our lunch and made the short walk to the water. It was super busy at the playground/splash park but on the Sound it was so quiet and peaceful and just a couple other people. We got out there close to low tide for the day and it was amazing. There were so many little sea creatures to find and look at and the view was perfect.
 Paige was brave enough to hold a little crab this time. She is much braver than her mom when it comes to creepy, crawly things.
This was my first time seeing sea cucumbers and there were also these little eels under some rocks. They were so cool. Along with these we saw some different kinds of sea anemone, hermit crabs, small to medium crabs and even a couple larger crabs about the size of my hand. There were lots of little shells and barnacles too.
 Hermit crab
 I held a sea cucumber!
 Baylor loved splashing her feet in the water.
 Perfect day with my amazing family!
 She loves playing in the rocks with her hands and feet- digging and swishing around the rocks along with throwing them.
 These two girls enjoyed digging in the sand and sit in the shade for awhile. The weather wasn't too bad since we were right on the water. We were at the park for about 4 hours and most of the time we spent on the Sound.
 We then walked back to the playground and let Paige explore the playground and play at the splash park for a while before heading home.
 Baylor enjoyed a nap in the shade while big sister had fun on the playground.
It was such a fun day and a park I would definitely go to again!

End of June

 I know it is already half way through July and I am posting about the end of June but it has been busy with my sister visiting and Fourth of July but I wanted to remember these moments so here is my post about all that happened the end of June.

Paige had her end of the year play- The Three Little Pigs Opera. It was so cute to watch all these cute kids perform and I am so proud of Paige. She was pretty nervous before but she did so good and was singing and doing the actions.
 Addison was the stick peddler and Paige was the brick pig.
I volunteered to make the three houses and a forest area for the wolf for the play. I got a large refrigerator box from Sears and each panel became a house. I love how they turned out! It was something I loved doing and creating during Baylor's nap time while Paige was at school.
The last day of kindergarten! I can't believe the school year is already done. She loved her teacher, Mrs. Faulk, and she loved school. She excelled and is a great little reader. She is ready for 1st grade but we are excited for summer and all the adventures that lay ahead.
One of Paige's first adventures of the summer was going with Nate to work. It was bring your kid to work day for the City of Covington employees. Paige loved it and had so much fun with her dad/
Some fun games at the park.
The whole group of kids- Paige came home with all sorts of fun things and she even got to have lunch with Nate.

Then Nate took Paige to where he works and she got to see his desk and go in all the equipment he works with on a daily basis.
 The last Saturday in June was Paige's last tball game for the season. It was such a fun season and Paige learned so much and improved so much. We had a fun barbecue at her coach's house as a celebration. The kids had fun playing in their awesome back yard and they also all go medals.

Paige had amazing coaches this season who really taught her the basics and helped her out so much.

Her last time of the season but to bat she did it without the tee and she made a hit. She was pretty excited about it!
Her cute little team!
We also watched most of Brett's last game too. It rained quite a bit but it was fun to watch and who knows maybe Brett and Paige could be on the same team next year.
The little girl was so good through the whole season and loved being outside playing with the grass while big sister played.
Another thing that happened is our tadpoles have grown and grown and we got our first frog. It has been really cool to see them grow and get bigger. Then their little legs appear and the frog was so cute and tiny though it didn't last very long before he died.
Baylor is growing up way too fast for my liking! She is so much fun to have around!
She loves ice cream! I wish she would devour other foods like she does ice cream. :)
We are now in full summer mode and loving it! We are excited for what kind of adventures we will go on this summer.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

4th of July

 We had all the Dale and Margaret Smith family together for the Fourth of July this year besides Dale and Margaret whom we all missed. It is like a mini reunion and so much fun to have all the family together. Paige loved playing with all her cousins and we all love this holiday celebrating our freedoms.

Annual star hair
It was this little one's first Fourth of July and she did so good. She didn't mind the fireworks and loved being passed around from aunts and uncles and cousins.
Nate and Paige went with Mike and his family in the morning to go and get fireworks. Then a little after lunch is when everyone showed up for the fun.

Aaron did a lot of fun yard games and everyone got involved. It kept everyone entertained until dinner.
 These two cuties sat on the sidelines just observing and just being too cute.
 We skyped Nona and Pops right before dinner so they were part of the prayer and got to see everyone before we had a delicious barbecue.
 Traditional pictures on the porch
 Then we went over to Anna and Scott's house for the fireworks. I love just watching all the kids and men have fun lighting the fireworks.
 Smoke bombs- one of Paige's favorites.
The picture on the left is the first firework she lit and wanted lots of help and by the end of the night she was the picture on the right and lit them by herself as long as Nate was close by. She is getting more brave every year though is doesn't like to be surprise by the loud ones.
Snake pit.
This was her throughout most of the night- ears covered.
 The kids really liked the pop its- here is Oneil and Myla running over one with the bike.
 Brett with his dirty, firework covered face.
 Baylor got passed around throughout the entire day and was content to be on different people's laps while watching the fireworks.
Ending our fireworks with some sparklers before we went back to our house and walked over to the lake for the big firework show. It was such a nice day and I enjoyed all the family time.
 Until next year.