Sunday, November 5, 2017

Baylor Morgan Smith

October 31
Today I had my final doctor appointment with Dr. Lewing for pregnancy. I was suppose to go the next day but got a phone call and got switched to today. I was glad to go in sooner and hoping to get this little baby out. Everything looked good at the appointment and I got my membranes stripped again which was super uncomfortable. I am still dilated at a 2 and am now 75% effaced. I am not really going into labor at all and so I am scheduled to get induced tomorrow since my doctor will be there anyways doing some C-sections. It was so fun to tell Paige that we are going to have a baby tomorrow and she is so excited. We are all so ready to meet this little girl!

November 1
I called the hospital this morning a 7:30 to see if I could come in and it was disappointing to hear that they were busy and I probably wouldn't be able to go to the hospital until early afternoon. A couple hours of later Dr. Lewing called to let me know some more information about doing a VBAC. She told me that since I am not yet a week overdue that I wouldn't be able to do the plan of having the balloon placed in order to get me dilated to a 4 or 5 so they can break my water. The chances of having an uterine rupture with the balloon/bulb is about 1% but since I can't do this and would go straight to using Pitocin those chances go up to 3%. Once I got off the phone I cried and was overwhelmed with what to do. I emailed my doctor because my biggest concern even though the chances are low is that having my uterus rupture which would most likely lead to a hysterectomy. In my mind if there is any chance of a hysterectomy I don't want to do it because that would mean that I would no longer be able to have children myself and dealing with infertility has been hard enough and that would be completely devastating. I emailed my doctor to see what she thought and she told me more facts and information and that they look at each patient and figure a percentage and they like the percentage to be above 60% and I am at 54%. With all of this information and the fact that there is even the slightest chance of me having a hysterectomy I decided that I am just going to do a scheduled C-section. It will be less stress and I won't have to do any laboring which will also be easier on my body. One I made this decision I felt so much better about this decision and was at peace with it. I called the hospital and they wanted me to come right in so I had time to do all the prep before my doctor was ready to do another C-section. So we left our apartment a little before noon.
They did all the prep things of monitoring the baby, getting my IV set, taking my vitals, and asking me the many questions to get me all ready. We were all ready to go back to the operating room a little before 2.

Nate in his scrubs ready to support his wife through it all.
Nate helped roll my bed right outside the operating room and then I went in the operating room to get my spinal tap and get all prepped before Nate could come in.
Waiting for me to get all ready- This part was pretty scary for me. Being inside there all by myself was overwhelming and scary. I was sitting on the operating table. I was freezing cold and shaking from being cold and just being a little terrified of it all. They put a warm blanket at my front with me hugging a pillow and my nurse to help keep me somewhat still and to keep my back curved so they could do the spinal tap. It didn't hurt that bad but was just overwhelming so I ended up in tears as they first numbed my back and they it was a weird sensation of feeling the spinal tap medication go down my back. I then laid on the operating table and as I was going numb they got everything all set up. 
Nate came in as they were setting up the curtain to block the view. I just laid there with Nate holding my hand and had him just keep talking to me to keep me distracted. It didn't hurt but there was a lot of tugging and pressure and it was great just to have this little moment of us talking together as the little one was brought into the world. They let me know when she was out even though it took her a bit to cry. They all mentioned how big her head was and that I made the right decision about doing a scheduled C-section since the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck 3 times and labor would have caused lots of issues and would have most likely ended in an emergency C-section. They were busy getting the mucus and fluids out of her lungs, mouth, and nose and as soon as I heard that little cry the tears started to flow and a little after that Nate got to go over and see her for the first time. 

Baylor Morgan Smith was born at 2:22 pm weighing 8 lbs 1 oz and is 19 1/2 inches long.
Nate got this picture as they were cleaning her up and taking her vitals. Nate then showed me this picture before she was ready to come to me.
I then got to do skin to skin with Baylor. I didn't get to do this with Paige at all and it was sweet to be able to kind of hold her while they were stapling me up. Nate was right there helping me hold her and it was such an incredible moment to hold this little miracle baby on me. We have waited so long to meet her and now she is finally here.
First picture with mom, dad, and Baylor.
The doctors took their time getting me put back together since I had some issues after the C-section with Paige and they wanted to try everything in their power to avoid those things. Once I was ready it was so weird once they put the sheet down and they were moving my legs around. I knew it was my leg they were moving but I had no feeling whatsoever. They put me back on my hospital bed and they wheeled me back to my room and Nate wheeled Baylor in her bassinet cart behind us. It was so sweet to watch Nate interact with Baylor as they were getting me settled.
The next few hours it was filled with lots of checking on baby and me. Everything went well besides that I was nauseous and threw up three times which is not comfortable after having major surgery on your abdomen and I got to breastfeed Baylor within about an hour of getting back into our room. She took to it really quick and it has been a lot less stressful compared to breastfeeding with Paige.
Paige came with Margaret at about 7 that evening so that Paige could meet her sister for the first time. It was so sweet! Paige is so in love and she loves holding her, hugging her, and giving her kisses. Baylor was wide awake and just stared at Paige. Margaret told me that Paige threw a penny in the fountain at the hospital and her wish was that Baylor will love Paige as much as Paige loves her. Paige is already one amazing big sister who is so loving and gentle and amazing helper.
Late that evening Baylor got her first bath. She didn't mind it too much and Nate said she cried the most when they were brushing her hair.
I loved having her right next to me and just stare at this little miracle baby of mine. She is so perfect and I love everything about her. She looks so much like Paige when she was born.
I can't believe how much hair she has and how dark it is. Paige had dark brown hair but Baylor's hair is pretty much black. 
She was quite relaxed under the heat lamp as the pediatrician was looking her over.
The next day was more recovering. I got all unhooked from everything and late morning I was finally able to go to the bathroom without getting dizzy. It was a day filled with lots of different doctors and nurses checking on Baylor and checking on me. Nate was so amazing through it all. He helped me in any way possible that he could and was constantly holding and talking to Baylor and changed all the diapers. He would hand her to me when I needed to feed her. He was such an amazing extra nurse for me and is such an amazing husband. Moments like these make me love him more and more.

Paige came again after school to hold her little sister some more and loves her so much and was excited to tell us who she told at school.
Sister love
Paige made sure I packed this hat in my bag since she wore it as the hospital and wanted her sister to have a picture in it too.
By the time Friday came around we were ready to go. I felt pretty good as long as I stayed on top with my pain medication. I was able to walk around and go to the bathroom on my own. Friday morning we had to wait for my doctor, a pediatrician for Baylor, and for her to get her hearing test done before we could head out.
We were glad that all the things that needed to get done happened quickly and we were able to leave the hospital at about 11 in the morning.
Paige was excited for us to come home and was really excited to help change her first diaper when she was ready. Nate took it to the next level to get a laugh out of me. 
My two little baby burritos.
Paige wanted Nate to show Baylor a picture of Jesus to see if she would smile since she was just with Him.
Margaret got two books about sisters and being a big sister for Paige to read to her sister. Paige pretty much has these two books memorized from reading them so often.
Nate wanted to do something funny with his beard. He had a mustache for Paige when she was born and this is what he came up with for his picture with Baylor. I love him so much!
We have enjoyed all the baby cuddles the last few days. We are adjusting well to not getting as much sleep, all the diaper changes, and I am adjusting to breastfeeding. We love this little girl so much and she fits perfectly into our family.
Nate loves all his girls so much! He is one incredible husband and dad and has made sure that I am always as comfortable as I can be and loves giving attention to both his little girls. My love for him grows more and more as I watch him interact with these two cute girls that made us parents.
We love you so much little Baylor. You are a perfect fit for our family. We love your little chubby face, how you constantly look like you are smiling, your baby cuddles, your hangry cry when you want food now, and just how cute and sweet you are. We are excited for the many days ahead for new adventures together as a family of four.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween 2017

 I love the holidays with Paige. There is so much joy in the little things and it is fun to see her excitement through it all. A couple of weeks ago I made some Halloween sugar cookies while she was at school and then we took them to Nona and Papa's house to decorate them. They turned out so cute!
 Paige's has one creative mind and she put two cookies together to make a monster.
 Then last week we did our pumpkin carving. We got one for Paige and she designed the face on paper first.
 Then drew it on her pumpkin so I could carve it out.
 This was the first year that she didn't mind touching the guts of the pumpkin.
 Pure concentration as she poked holes around her design.
 Paige's on the left and Nona's on the right.
 Then this past Wednesday we had our annual ward trunk or treat. Paige decided to dress up as a cowgirl for it this year. She loved picking out clothes for her costume and even picked out clothes for baby doll so she could join in the fun.
 The cutest cowgirl and a little mummy peeking out of mom's belly.
She was pretty tentative at the trunk or treat but she enjoyed all the great candy.
 Happy Halloween! We went to Anna and Scott's for our traditional dinner of sandwiches and then got ready for some trick or treating at the country club. 

The cute witch ready for get lots of candy
 The whole crew.
 Paige loved trick or treating and really got into. She loved speed walking to each house and most of the time was the first one up to the door. She was so happy and could have gone on more but with school the next day I didn't want her out too late. She came home with a bag full of candy and even got quite a few big candy bars this year.