Saturday, February 3, 2018

Life With Two

Life with these two has been so sweet but also tiring at times. I think I got so used to having just Paige around and she is at an age where she has been sleeping through the night for a long time and can do most things on her own so switching back to newborn thinking was a definite change. The lack of sleep I think has been a real challenge for me but I am slowly adjusting to it. I feel like I need to be so much better at spending more time with Paige. Baylor requires a lot of attention since she is a newborn and feedings take up a lot of my day. It is strange that sometimes I miss those days where it was just Paige and I and our little moments together but Baylor brings so much joy into our family and fits in perfectly. Life is funny that way where you always look to the future but you miss those special moments and memories from the past. I have wanted another baby in our family for so long so when there are days that I am super tired or have had enough of the crying I feel guilty for having those feelings since I had to deal with all the hard times with infertility but there are so many moments that I can't believe I finally have this little one in our lives. It is a different stage of life in our family and we are getting used to it more and more and I love seeing how much Baylor lights up when Paige is talking to her and how Paige loves to help and hold her little sister. I think Paige will enjoy it more and more as Baylor continues to grow and becomes more mobile.

I am so lucky to have such two incredible and sweet little girls in my life. They bring me such joy and happiness!
Nate has been so incredible during this transition in our lives! I am so lucky to have him as a husband and a father to our children. I hope that one day Paige and Baylor find husbands that are as amazing as their dad. He has transitioned to having two kids so amazingly. He is great at spending time with both of them especially Paige since I have to feed and take care of Baylor often. He is great at taking initiative in helping out when he can sense that I am at my wits end. Baylor likes to fight sleep and we often take turns trying to get just the right touch in helping her fall asleep. Nate has been so amazing with my slow recovery from having the C-section and doing all that he can to help. He often does the dishes and cleans up around the apartment without being asked to. He entertains both girls so every once in awhile I can get a nap in during the day. He always says thank you to me for making dinner and always knows the right thing to say to me to help me out when I am feeling down. I love that he makes me laugh and that I get to have him by side for this life and for the life after. I am one lucky wife and mom!
Here are so more daily moments with these two cute girls of mine!
We had a couple beautiful days in January and one of them we spent at Dale and Margaret's enjoying the sun.
We are also lucky to have Nate's parents so close and we are over to their house very often. Paige and Baylor are lucky to have such amazing grandparents who do all sorts of fun things with them.

One evening Dale and Margaret came to our apartment and Paige had a make-up store open for them.
Seahawk girls!
I love you Paige and Baylor! You make life so sweet!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Three Months

 Yesterday, Baylor reached her three month mark of blessing us with all her cuteness. She is such a cute baby who is very particular and we love her SO much!
Here's what she is up to:

  • She still loves the water especially shower time with Dad and bath time with Paige.
  • She likes to suck on her hands when she doesn't have her binky.
  • She loves being sung to while you play with her.
  • She loves having her legs move around and dance to the songs we sing to her.
  • She has found her voice and will "talk" to you for quite a while.
  • She is very particular when she is done being on the floor and wants to me up and moving around which equals Nate and I walking around our apartment a lot.
  • She fights sleep which can be frustrating but once she is asleep she stills your heart again with all her cuteness.
  • She doesn't like to be burped and will try and stand and arch her back when you are burping her.
  • She loves being in the car and the stroller as long as it is moving.
  • She has the sweetest smile that makes everyone who sees it smile and is so close to laughing.

Her scared face when something startles her. It is the cutest sad face ever!
Most of the time her hands are in fists.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Blessing Day

 January 7th was Baylor's blessing day. It was a wonderful day and lots of family came to support us- my parents flew in from Idaho, Dale and Margaret, Anna and Scott and their family, and Aaron and Rachel and their family. I was so worried that Baylor would cry during her blessing like Paige did and tried everything possible to make sure she would be sleeping during it. Right before she was going to be blessed she woke up but she did great. Nate gave her a beautiful blessing. Some of the things mentioned in the blessing were that Baylor would be healthy, follow the words in the scriptures, be a light to her friends and family, develop a testimony of the Savior, that she would share her testimony with others, and that she would be worthy to enter the temple one day. He said that when they were blessing her she gave everyone a big smile but then the binky fell out and Aaron saved her from crying by getting it back in her mouth.

We got back home from church and took some pictures and enjoyed visiting with family.
 All tuckered out from her big day.
 We had a big family dinner and then Nate and I made some donuts for dessert as our way of thanking everyone for coming and just to enjoy.
While we were busy in the kitchen Baylor got passed around and loved all the cuddles.
 The donuts were devoured and were SO good!
 My parents were here for a few extra days. It was nice to visit with them and Baylor and Paige got to have more grandparent time. They are so lucky to have such amazing grandparents on both sides to love them that do so much for them and with them.
 Monday was a beautiful day for January and so while Paige was at school we went on a walk at Nolte State Park.
 Wednesday morning was the day my parents left. We wanted pictures of Paige and Baylor with both of their grandparents. We were planning on having them both in the picture but Baylor decided to sleep in and Paige had to go to school so they each got their own picture. :)
 I have been wanting to get some better pictures of Baylor in her blessing dress. The day of her blessing was busy and we were enjoying family and not worrying about getting the perfect picture so yesterday Nate and I did a little photo shoot with Baylor and the pictures turned out perfect!

Margaret found her dress at the thrift store for 99 cents and I decided to use it but alter it to make it just how I wanted it to look. It was nice to be able to use the dress as a base instead of having to sew a whole dress. This is what the dress looked like before. It had another little bit on the bottom that was eyelet material that I already cut off before I decided to take a before picture. I added the layers on the bottom and it turned out just like I imagined.
 Baylor is one happy baby and has the sweetest smile. She smiles all the time and I love it and I love her so much!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Two Months

These two months have flown by and it seems like Baylor has been in our family for much longer than that. She is completely adored by everyone around her and is the cutest little baby. 

Here's what Baylor is up to at two months:
  • She had her two month check up yesterday and she is 10 lbs 3.5 oz (20th percentile) and 22 1/4 inches long (36th percentile) and her head circumference is in the 80th percentile. My babies and their big heads. :)
  • She is such a happy smile and loves to smile at anyone who will talk to her. She is happiest and talks the most right when she wakes up in the mornings. 
  • She is starting to sleep a little longer at nights and is pretty consistent at sleeping from about 9 until 3 which is much nicer for me.
  • When she is tired she rubs at her eyes and grabs her face so we have to keep her nails short.
  • She loves to lay on the ground and kick her legs and listen to whoever is talking to her especially if it is Paige. 
  • When you are holding her she likes to face out and see the world around her.
  • She still loves her showers with dad and the sound of the water instantly calms her.
  • She fights sleep which equals Nate or I walking around a lot until she falls asleep. It's like she doesn't want to miss what is going on.
  • She tries to laugh but it ends up being a cough or sounds like she is about to cry.
  • She is such a cute little thing and her smile completely melts my heart.
Paige loves being a big sister. Paige is such a great helper and likes to change Baylor's diaper if it is just a wet one. She is the best one at getting Baylor to take her binky and loves to read Baylor stories. She also loves that she can hold Baylor while standing and is such a caring big sister. They are so lucky to have each other!

Paige was excited to finally wear their matching dresses from Aunt Anna. They looked so cute!
More cute pictures of the cute two month old.
She is so alert and has beautiful eyes that just take in the world around her.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Snow Day

 During the winter break we had a fun snow day at Nona and Pops. We went over there and first put together a gingerbread house. We have done this for a few years but usually do it before Christmas. This year we didn't get around to it and Paige said how she wanted to do it still so we went to Winco and picked out lots of candy and had fun putting it all together.
Then later in the evening Paige got all her snow clothes on and we went out and enjoyed playing in the snow. When she first went out she wanted a picture by this cute little snowman her cousins made.
Then she went sledding down the small slope and loved it and went over and over. She loved being able to start herself.
 She also wanted a picture by the fort her cousin made. By this time it was starting to melt and fall apart but she still thought it was pretty cool.
 Then Pops and Nate came out for a little bit and then had a snowball fight. I loved watching this and seeing the huge smile on Paige's face as she ran around.
 I love watching Nate interact with his little girls. It makes me love him more and our girls are so lucky to have him.
 She was not impressed that this snowman didn't have a face.
 So she put together his face and loved it. :)
 Then more sledding!
 And some snow angels.
 We were about to go inside but then Myla decided to come out and join us. She wasn't too sure about me but loved sledding with Paige.
 Then Paige worked on building her own small snowman. She stayed out for much longer with Uncle Mike and her cousins. It was fun to watch her throwing snowballs at Mike and playing with Myla. I love that she sees her cousins often and get to play with them.
It was a really fun day and I miss her now that she is back to school. I love spending all the time I can with my family and love the little moments of life with them.