Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Moments of Joy

"You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them." -Desmond Tutu
These three are truly Heavenly Father's gift to me. I am so grateful that Nate was placed in my life and now I get to be with him for forever. He is such an amazing husband and father. He is a great provider and makes me laugh and smile every day. We complement each other and together we make the best team. Complement means to complete and Nate definitely completes me. And my two girls are truly my greatest joy. Yes at times they are tiring and test my patience but they make this life so much more fun and joyful. They see the world as it should be and I hope they carry that through life. We need to try and find joy in the simple things of life because "men are, that they might have joy" (2nd Nephi 2:25). 
Here are some pictures from our lives the last few weeks and some of the moments that have brought us joy.
Crafting queen.
A little kitty and sometimes she is even a puppy and crawls through my legs as I am trying to make dinner.
Helping in the garden- Paige is such a great helper as long as we are doing the task with her. Just recently I showed her how to start the washer and dryer and now every time I need to do laundry Paige wants to help me.
A recent play date with Addison- fun at Lake Meridian. These two have such fun together and it brings me joy to see Paige has such an amazing friendship.
We have had a pair of ducks coming to our house that past few weeks and I think they have made our home their home. Paige loves them and we have named them Donald and Daisy. They come running or I guess waddling when they see us since we feed them bread. Nate and Paige made a little pond in the garden for them to drink and swim in. Daisy will even eat from Paige's hand!
Paige started T-ball this past week. She was a bit nervous for the first practice but once it got going she loved it. The coaches are really good and I asked Paige how she liked it and she said it was even better than she thought it would be. We are excited for the season and for games to start.
Up to bat at her first practice
Baylor is still as sweet and cute as can be. She is starting to be an easier baby though still constantly wants to be on the move. She is quick to smile at those she knows and loves to grab Nate's face and laugh and smile at Paige. She fits into our family perfectly and we are starting to get the hang of this family of four thing.
She loves to be outside!
Joining in on the dress up fun
Girl cousins
Sisters- They already have such a special bond even though there is quite an age gap. Baylor lights up when Paige is in the room and laughs all the time for Paige. Paige is constantly helping with Baylor and is the best big sister.
Both of them got to try out the exersaucer- Baylor didn't like it at first but it is growing on her.
 This past weekend we have had some gorgeous days. We have spent a lot of time in the yard and one evening we went to Covington Community Park just to enjoy being outside- we saw some adorable baby ducks, a little salamander, we found some four leaf clovers, Paige wished on many dandelions and even found a mutant dandelion, and we found some little frogs to catch. It was such a nice evening and walk.
 We even got some tadpoles to bring home and watch them grow.
 This last weekend we also had our first fire of the season and it was Baylor's first fire ever. And we all of course enjoyed some smores!
 I love this little family of mine and I am so excited for warm weather and summer adventures!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

6 Months

 How has it already been a half of a year since this adorable little baby became a part of our world? She is growing so fast and though she has been a harder baby than Paige she is still very smiley and loved by everyone around her. She is the cutest little thing and we love you so much Baylor Morgan!
Here is what this cutie is up to at 6 months:

  • She is about 13 1/2 pounds which is under 10 percentile for weight so she is a little girl just like her sister.
  • She loves to smile and Paige gets her to laugh the most. Baylor adores her sister and smiles almost every time she sees her and thinks she is so funny.
  • She loves to suck on her binky, her hands, her blanket, and the past few weeks has found her thumb and it is the cutest to see her sucking her thumb though I hope it doesn't become too much of a habit.
  • She still loves the water and loves being outside. She is her calmest when she is outside.
  • She still is pretty particular and wants to be on the move. She is always grabbing for anything in sight.
  • She loves to sit at the table in her little chair while we are in the kitchen which has been wonderful since she can stay busy while I am cooking or while we are eating instead of having to he held.
  • She loves to be thrown up in the air. You will always get a big smile out of her when doing this.
  • She loves to babble and her favorite sounds right now are the elephant sound and she loves to say "ma ma ma". I can pretend that she is talking about me. :)
  • She still wakes up quite often at night- about every two to three hours but at least she goes right back to sleep after being nursed. She also always wakes up between 6:30 and 7. I hope one day she will sleep in more!
  • She still only rolls from her belly to her back though when she is on her back she likes to go to her side and can slowly turn in circles by doing this.
  • She loves to sit up and play and grab things though she still can't quite sit on her own.
  • She has the most kissable cheeks just like Paige and looks so much like her sister when she was a baby!
We love our smiley girl!

We even love her when she is like this but prefer the happy and smiley side of her. :)
We are loving having warmer weather and what is better and more spring like than an adorable baby sitting on the porch swing wearing butterflies holding a tulip and looking at a hummingbird.
 This girl LOVES to grab her toes especially when you are changing her diaper. She still loves to be naked in just her diaper and still fusses when we get her dressed.
One of the first times she tried out her chair and now she is in it multiple times a day and we just give her lots of things to play with and her favorite thing is to push them off the table and look down at the things she dropped and wait for someone mostly Paige to pick them up for her.
 The little thumb sucker
 She has gotten so much better at letting us rock her to sleep. We used to have to walk around in order to get her to sleep because if you sat she would fight it but lately she will let you rock her to sleep and I love it! She still fights it a little but at least we can sit.
 To celebrate being 6 months old, Baylor got to try food for the first time and of course big sister Paige got to feed her for the first time.
Baylor was not impressed at all and didn't eat much and had a look on her face most of the time of disgust and like what in the world are you guys feeding me but I know one of these days she will love it.
 Happy 6 months little one! Don't grow up too fast!

Friday, April 6, 2018

Easter Weekend

 A few days before Easter Paige got to dye some eggs. She loves doing this every year and she gets to do all of them herself. Next year might be a little different in Baylor wants to join in but this year Baylor was content to watch. Paige was disappointed through the week when I would peel her beautiful creations to use the hard boiled egg.
Friday was a really nice day and Paige and Nate had fun being outside cleaning up the yard while I was in taking a nap with Baylor. It was cute seeing them work together and explore the yard.
Easter weekend fell on conference weekend this year. I always like it when this happens. It is a nice weekend to stay home and listen to the church leaders and hear their messages and also celebrate Easter. This conference was really neat to see the solemn assembly and the new prophet being sustained by the church. I was trying to make it a more spiritual moment with Paige but she was SO talkative that I felt the entire time I was telling her to stop talking so I could listen to what was happening. Oh well! It was still really neat to witness and I loved seeing the tears in President Nelson's eyes as he was being sustained by the whole church. It was really good to listen to all their messages and to have all these good reminders what things I needed to hear and to be better at. I printed off a whole bunch of church activities for Paige to do throughout the four sessions. It kept her busy most of the time and her favorite one was coloring the tie of the apostles and the first presidency when it was their turn to talk. When it was someone other than an apostle she was disappointed because she didn't get to color their tie. 
In between the two Saturday conference sessions, Anna and Scott and their family came over for an Easter egg hunt. The kids had a lot of fun!
Baylor even found her Easter eggs though they didn't have candy in them. :) And every time she wears this jacket she licks it which is kind of funny and now we have a picture of her doing it to always remember.
Saturday was such a beautiful day! We spent most of the time when not watching conference outside.
She is such a beautiful girl- inside and out!
 Paige and I planted some flower seeds. We will see if they grow!
 Paige left the Easter bunny a note before heading to bed on Saturday.
 Happy Easter! Paige was excited to find her Easter basket hiding in the pantry and even found Baylor's for her. Nate and I's Easter baskets were packed away and Baylor doesn't have one. So Saturday we decorated some brown paper bags for our baskets. Paige had her though so she decorated Baylor's bag. The Easter bunny also hid some eggs for Paige to find. She got some candy, an owl shirt, and some markers that smell. And Baylor got an owl onesie. Paige was excited to have a matching shirt with her sister.
Happy Easter from my two cute girls in their owl shirts!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

5 Months

 Baylor is 5 months old! The time is flying by and her 5 month mark also happened to land on Easter. So we had a little Easter photo shoot this month. We got some small smiles out of her but no big open mouthed, squinty eyes smiles that we get to see every day when interacting with her.
Here's what she is up to:

  • She is really smiley and loves interactions from people especially Paige. 
  • She laughs the most for Paige and thinks her sister is pretty funny.
  • She doesn't really like tummy time but has gotten better and rolled over for the first time on March 31st- she did it twice that evening and has rolled over almost every time that we put her on tummy time. It takes her awhile and she at times gets frustrated but she does it.
  • She is still quite the grunter and that is her way of telling you to pick her up or she grunts a lot when she is getting tired.
  • She loves to be up either sitting up or standing.
  • She has the craziest legs. Her legs and feet go crazy when she gets frustrated and she also liked to swing her legs up and hit them on her bed or the floor. She does in the most when she wakes up in the morning and is waiting for someone to come get her.
  • She still loves the water and being outside.
  • She gets really excited when you walk by her and thinks and wants you to pick her up. And she usually gets her way with all that cuteness. :)
  • She is getting really good at grabbing things. I have to be careful now when I am holding her and eating since she will grab my plate and try to drag it off the table.

 Nate even got her rolling over on camera. Now if I can get her to do it when I am recording. :)