Monday, October 16, 2017

Fall Weekend

 This weekend we had some beautiful fall weather so we decided to go on a few adventures. Paige didn't have school on Friday so we went with Margaret to Thomasson Family Farm after Nate got home from work. It was pretty chilly at first but then the sun came out and it was beautiful weather and we had such a fun time there. We have gone to this farm every year since Paige was about 2 and I love coming here. 
 The favorite corn box
 Paige was so proud of herself once she realized she could jump off this hay bail by herself and did it over and over.
 This is the one thing she remembered that she wanted to do when I told her we were going to go- milk the cow.
 Our very bumpy hayride.
 Paige didn't want to go by herself even though I knew she would like it so I climbed in with her. It was a tight fit with my large belly and Paige on my lap. :)
 Target practice with apples- Nate got really close to hitting a target and Margaret hit one and got a free hot chocolate. 
 We had a little picnic in the car before heading home. It was such a fun outing and it was nice to be outside for a while and spend time together. 

Then Saturday was another beautiful, fall day so we went to Issaquah to the fish hatchery.
 Looking at all the salmon in the river.
 There were some big salmon swimming through the ladders. 
 Watching a lot of little salmon jump around.
Another fun adventure-filled weekend with my little family. I love them so much and we are excited to continue having more adventures as a family of four!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

28 to 36 weeks

August 9
I had another check up today and I am about 28 ½ weeks along. This appointment was pretty normal though I had to wait for quite awhile and I could tell the patient next to be was discussing her birthing plan with Dr. Lewing so I knew it could be awhile. Everything looks great with me. I didn’t gain any weight in the past two weeks but everything else looks great and the baby’s heart rate is great also. I signed the paper today saying that I would like to try a VBAC and had to talk about the risks involved in that. The worst that could happen is that the stress of labor would cause my uterus to break open where the incision is from my C-section and it would require surgery and a blood transfusion. It is scary to think about but they always have to tell you the worse that could happen and you hope that all will go well. I will most likely have to be induced or at least have to get my water broken to start labor. If I have to have pitocin then it will be a low dosage and I will be monitored since it is a VBAC. The really awesome thing that happened today is that when I was leaving I saw Tanya who is the ultrasound tech in Auburn who was with Dr. Bigler. I love that she recognized me and gave me a big hug and was so happy for me. She helped me with the ectopic and has been so much a part of my journey to get to this point. She was just subbing for someone today but it was so nice to see her and it made me miss Dr. Bigler even though I really like Dr. Lewing.

August 23
Today’s appointment was my 30 week check up and was really quick. I met with the nurse practitioner since Dr. Lewing was out of the office. It was the typical appointment of checking on me and listening to baby’s heartbeat which everything looks great.

30 week photo shoot
 I love being pregnant with Paige around. She loves feeling the baby move and talks to her sister all the time. She is so excited to be a big sister and will be an amazing one!

September 6
Today was my 32 week ultrasound and a growth ultrasound. Paige and Nate got to come to this appointment for the ultrasound. I have wanted Paige to go to an ultrasound and I figured this was the best one since it is later in the pregnancy and you can kind of see what the baby looks like. I still think it was a bit hard for Paige to tell exactly what was going on but she enjoyed it. They measured baby’s head and around the tummy and she is weighing about 4 ½ pounds. Everything looks great. She has Paige’s upper lip that sticks out and reminds me a lot of Paige. She has some hair and looks just so cute and is starting to get chubby. She also had the hiccups for some of the ultrasound and it was so cute to see her little body move with the hiccup. After the ultrasound I quickly talked to Dr. Lewing and she said everything looks great. She is head down now so I often feel her bum moving around and get kicks and punches on the sides and sometimes up near my ribs. It is most uncomfortable when is pushes where my belly button is. I feel pretty good most of the time. Usually by the end of the day my feet and bum are sore and I can tell when I have been on my feet for too long. In the mornings my back usually hurts from sleeping. I have also been getting more frequent heartburn which isn’t fun but if I take a Tums it goes away. I still love feeling baby move and it is always reassuring as she rolls around in my stomach.

Cute little profile- it is not the greatest picture since the ultrasound tech had a hard time getting a good picture because this little one kept putting her hands and feet in front of her face. 

September 20
I had my 34 week appointment today. It was pouring rain today and I walked to my doctor’s appointment so I got pretty wet. I am glad though that my coat is big enough to barely zip over my growing belly. It was another quick visit. Baby’s heartbeat was nice and strong in the high 130s. My belly s measuring exactly where it should and my weight looks good. I really don’t remember how much weight I gained with Paige but at this point I have gained 17 pounds. Dr. Lewing asked me the normal questions and everything is normal. She did tell me today that she will start stripping my membranes at 37 weeks. That scared me a little bit. Originally I thought she wasn’t going to do this until 39 weeks. She said that it most likely won’t do anything the first couple of weeks but it is a good way to soften my cervix and hopefully get my body to go into labor on its own. My chances of having a successful VBAC go up more if I go into labor on my own verses being induced. I think it scared me some just because that was sooner than I thought and I am scared and worried about the delivery part and I have never had my membranes stripped before and it doesn’t sound that comfortable. After my visit with Dr. Lewing, I got the Tdap shot since they suggest that for all pregnant women mostly for the pertussis part of it so I will have a sore arm tomorrow but I like doing all these small little things to keep this baby healthy and it is getting to the home stretch.

September 23
Today I had a baby shower. It was with so many good friends from my ward and I felt so loved! Paige has been so excited for this and couldn’t wait to help open all the presents. She got sick the day before and I was worried she wouldn’t be able to go but I decided that this cold couldn’t keep her away since she has been looking forward to it for so long.  She loves going to baby showers with me and was so excited to go to one for her own baby sister. I was so also grateful and excited to be having my own baby shower. When you are going through infertility baby showers can be really hard to go to. I have been to lots and lots of baby showers for friends and family since having Paige and often you go because you are happy for them but it is one of those times when it is also hard because you wish it were you having the baby shower. There were times in the past when I would put on a happy face but then cry in the private moments. It was amazing to be the one showered with gifts of love in anticipation of the arrival of this miracle baby that is growing inside of me. The decorations were all pink per Paige’s request and it was very relaxed and it was nice to visit with so many good friends. Paige loved opening all the gifts and her favorite gift was from Anna. It is matching dresses for Paige and her new baby sister. Paige has been excited to wear matching clothes since finding out we are having another girl. I loved all the gifts but one that meant a little more to be was also from Anna and it is a onesie that says “worth the wait”.  It has been a long road to get to this point and I wouldn’t have chosen to wait this long but this little miracle baby is definitely worth the wait. Nate’s favorite gifts were diapers and wipes since that helps us save money and will all get used. It was such a great party!

Paige loved all the pink decorations.
 Paige wanted me to wear this shirt to the baby shower since it was the same shirt I wore to her baby shower. She likes it since it has a bow so it is like the baby is a present. She also picked her cupcake shirt since it was a party.
 It was cute watching her hug this outfit since it was so soft and very girly.
The matching dresses for Paige and her little sister. I can't wait to see my two cute girls in their matching pink dresses.
 We received so many gifts and feel very loved and appreciate the support of so many family and friends!

October 5
It is so exciting that it is finally October and I can say that I am due this month! I had my 36 week appointment today even though I will be 37 weeks tomorrow. It was a quick visit. They measured my growing belly and listened to baby’s heartbeat. I also got the Step B test. Next week will be the start of being checked and getting my membranes stripped. It is getting so close. I am so excited to finally meet this little girl and of course nervous about delivery. I have a feeling this might be a long month waiting as each day draws closer to my due date. 

36 week belly bump- One more month until this little girl is due!
36 week comparison- left picture is 8 months pregnant with Paige and the right picture is 8 months pregnant this time around.
We all can’t wait to meet you little one!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Crafts and Tacoma Nature Center

 Paige truly has the most amazing imagination and can create anything that she thinks of. She wanted an apron to do her own pretend cooking and also to have one when she helps me cook. She created these aprons, one for her and one to match for her baby doll.
Paige loves to play with her baby dolls and pretends they are her sisters or her own babies. She also at times as pretend friends that she plays with. Being the only one she entertain herself most of the time and is really good at playing by herself. She created this paper sister and named her Lacey. She made sure Lacey had matching clothes with her and she played and danced with her. She had Lacey be her sister for a few days and I am sure Lacey will come out again.
 I love to see the way Paige thinks to make her creations better. She put popsicle sticks on the back to make it stronger on top and got the white stick to move her around.
 A new day= a new outfit.
 She even slept next to Paige at night on the floor.
 We are now into school and Paige is loving every minute of it. She makes friends so easily and I love it when I walk Paige to school and see all her friends saying hi to her. It is cute to hear her daily stories from her day and her excitement to do homework. This picture was her first day of homework. I like kindergarten homework- coloring and reading. :) 
 This past Saturday was a beautiful fall day and we decided to go on another little adventure before all the rain this week. We went to the Tacoma Nature Center. It has this fun, nature inspired playground, a interactive and information center, and this beautiful mile walk through the trees and with two bridges.

First Paige explored the playground
 We then went into the information center and they have lots of kid activities and some turtles which is what Paige really liked. 

Then we went on the walk. This was the first bridge and it goes over the water and we spotted four turtles swimming around.
 We then went back and Paige played on the playground for a little bit before we had a little picnic. It was a nice little outing.