Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

This hat has been at my Grandma Walker's house since I can remember. Nate decided to try it on and of course I had to pull out the camera.
 Paige even seemed to liked it.
 On Sunday we had a Walker family dinner to celebrate the birthdays in May and we took some four generation pictures.
 Then on Memorial Day we went and visited the graves of my great grandparents. Here's Paige all ready to go out and enjoy the day.
 It was a pretty windy day and Paige got to wear this jacket for the first time. She looks so cute in it!
 We first went to my great grandparents graves on my Walker side in Rigby but I didn't have batteries for my camera but here is the pictures of the graves of my great grandparents on my Peterson side.
 We then went and hiked around one of the Menan Buttes near one of the cemeteries. 
 Then on Tuesday, Paige got her two month shots. She did pretty well considering that she was hungry and already kind of mad. The first immunization was liquid form and she gobbled that one up. I made Nate hold down her legs for the shots. I had to look away. It is so hard for me to watch her be in pain but I know that the shots are for her good. She was happy once she got fed and I had to take some pictures of her cute, chubby legs with the band aids on them. 
 Paige loves to stand. Today Nate got her to stand up leaning against the couch. She thinks she is such a big girl and she is growing up so fast.
 Dad was there to catch her.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Two Months

I can't believe it has been two months since I first met my little Paige. She is so fun and such a joy in Nate and I's lives. Here is what she is up to:

  • She loves to smile especially when she has a full tummy
  • She still loves her swing and baths/showers
  • She has rolled over a few times but she is still trying to figure that one out
  • She likes Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, If Your Happy and You Know It, and This Little Piggy
  • She likes to suck on her hands and is starting to figure out that she has a tongue
  • She likes to "stand"
  • She is a wiggly little girl and is very alert and active
  • She loves to take naps with mom and smile and interact with dad

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

 Last weekend we went to Firth to enjoy the weekend with family and be home for Mother's Day so we could talk to my missionary brother. Saturday was a beautiful day and Juliette and Charlotte enjoyed some fun in the water. Juliette was soaked and it was so fun to watch her and see what she did with the water.

 Nate and I also went along the banks and got a handful of asparagus to enjoy.
 Sunday we went to Derek and Amy's to have a early celebration for Derek's birthday and also they have better internet than my parents so we could skype Karlton. 

Charlotte loves Paige and loves to point out that they are cousins.
 Nate and I got to see our favorite cat.
 We found out that Paige really doesn't like to be put in strollers or at least strollers that are meant for dolls.
For those that don't have facebook- here are some pictures of my cute smiley baby!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Blessing Day

Paige was blessed on the 29th of April. We went down to Firth to have her blessed in the ward I grew up in. I sewed on some snaps on the back of Paige's dress the night before to be sure it fit well for her big day. I don't think she liked the dress too much- way too much fabric for her liking. Nate was nervous about giving the blessing but he did such a nice job. I was impressed at how well he did even with Paige crying through most of it. I ended up almost laughing through most of it because she was crying. I didn't expect that from her since she hardly ever cries unless she is hungry. She must not have been too sure about what was all going on. It was a very nice day and we enjoyed spending time with family especially with Nate's parents who came down for the weekend to be here for the blessing.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

What Paige Has Been Up To

 Her First Easter
She even got her own eggs to hunt for.
 She found her basket on Easter morning even though she wasn't very excited mostly just sleepy. :)
 She didn't really like her Easter dress. I think mostly she hated the shoes. She loves her feet to be free.
 Easter nap with dad.
 She also got to sit in a sweet BMW with her cousin.
 She endured the 13 hour car ride to Idaho. She did really good and slept most of the time.
 She got to try out Grandma and Grandpa Peterson's new couch.
 She also got to try out their new TV.
 She loves to smile. This is the best picture I have right now of a smile because once she sees the camera she just looks at me like I am crazy and wonders what I am doing.
 She enjoyed some beautiful weather with her mom and dad by going on a walk around the church near our apartment.

 And some more nap time with dad.
 She loves to have her hands near or on her face when she sleeps.