Friday, February 26, 2016

Everyday Moments

 The other days Anna and her kids came over and Paige loved playing in the hot tub with her cousin. She LOVES the hot tub so much and then add cousins to that- she had a blast.
 And this cute little girl got to chill inside and smile at everyone around.
 Today I made a few burp cloths for someone in the ward and Paige loves to help me sew. She likes to hand me the pins and guide the fabric with me. She also loves to take the scraps and design her own things for her dolls and barbies.
 Oh how I love those cute little chubby fingers. They are so sweet and adorable!
 For the past week Paige has gone by Paigerbocteeni. She was writing her name and added whatever letters she wanted to the end of it and that is what she created and she loved it. The past couple days though she just wanted Bocteeni and made a name tag today so everyone would know. We also got new stamps yesterday so she had fun decorating the name tag and herself with them.
 She made a few name tags for a couple of her babies and had a little photo shoot with dad.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Valentine's Photo Shoot

 I just love this little girl with all my heart! On a beautiful day this week Paige was in the mood to be Dad's little model so we had a Valentine's photo shoot. She is the cutest little model and I am one lucky mama to have such a sweet girl in my life!
 I was so proud that her hair turned out so good. I taught myself to french braid once Paige's hair got long enough and now I have more practice and am getting better at it as long as her hair is wet.
 I love her little pose and the boots!
 Then we were cleaning the car and the water that dripped down which was perfect for jumping in so Paige got her rain boots on and had a blast.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Idaho Trip

We decided to make a surprise trip to Idaho for Charlotte's baptism and to visit with family. It has been a little over a year since we made our way east and it was fun to see all my family even though it was so cold. 

We went to my dad's office where most of our stuff is stored to find this baby carrier for Anna and Paige wanted to try it out. :)
We found a craft to do at the thrift store.
And we stopped by to visit Grandma Walker.
A couple of the days while we were there we went out and gathered the eggs. Paige loved it!
A big highlight of the trip for Paige was playing and being with Charlotte and Lu. The night before Charlotte's birthday/baptism we had a girl party. Amy, Charlotte, one of Charlotte's friends, Lu, Paige, and I all went to a beauty school in Idaho Falls and had a glam party. The girls got their nails and hair done. Paige wasn't so sure about it because she is so shy but once she saw the outcome she was one happy girl.
Paige's new hair-do! She looked so cute and got lots of compliments.
All the girls all glammed up!
Then we stopped at McDonald's and got some ice cream to end a great night!
Then it was time for the big day- Charlotte's baptism. She is such a beautiful young lady and will always hold a special place in my heart.
Look at that cute little pose! She has quite a bit of sass and is so cute!
It was great to have all my family together. We got to meet two new cute little babies (Tannin and Emmett) and baby Grace is not such a baby anymore and turning into a cute toddler.
We got to be in the snow the entire time and the two weeks we were there was enough snow for me for the year. :)
We also got to enjoy Henry and he got spoiled while we were there.
Sunday we went to church with Derek and Amy and spent the rest of the evening there. Charlotte got to have a picture in the dress her great-great grandma wore when she was baptized.
These two wanted to be part of the photo shoot too.
We were taking pictures of Tannin and Emily came over to join in and this is the face she gave me when I turned the camera to her.
Look at that cute, happy baby. He is such a cute little guy and very easy-going. I am so glad I got to finally hold him and see all of his cuteness for the first time!
One day we went up to Saint Anthony and had dinner with Erika and Brian and their family and then headed to high school basketball game. Grace is a cute little girl that has the most expressive eyebrows and she warmed up to me quite fast. She loved for me to hold her and would give me the most beautiful smiles.
Paige enjoyed playing with "new" toys at Grandma and Poppy's house.
One day we went with my mom to the Artitorium. It has a lot of electronic and hands-on art things. It was a fun couple of hours spent being creative.
Some more pictures of my cute little girl playing.
One night Derek and Amy and their girls came over for dinner and then Charlotte and Lu got to spend the night. They had a lot of fun but it was a long night for Nate and I. Paige kept them up pretty late because of her being SO chatty. She was just so excited and wanted to talk all night. Eventually she ended up in our room but it was fun experience for the girls.
Then one of the last days of our trip we went sledding with my dad, Derek, Amy, Charlotte, and Lu. It was a lot of fun and one of the highlights of our trip. Paige did not last very long. She did go down the hill once with Nate and really liked it but then it got stuck in her mind that the sleds were going to blow away and she would not stop crying and worrying about it so she headed back home to play with my mom and Emily.

Paige's one time down the hill. She looked so cute in her snow stuff! I should have gotten a better picture of it because it did not last long.
And then the tears....
Derek and Amy raced down the hill and it was funny to watch because they both fell off their sleds at the same time. We didn't get any pictures of it but after this Nate and I raced down and Nate hooked his arm around mine and then I was just holding on for the ride and ended up falling off my sled and being dragged behind Nate.
Nate created a jump and we got a long of great pictures of the "fun". I did the jump once and that was good for me because the landing hurt so bad.
It was an awesome trip!