Monday, April 20, 2015

Summer Like Days

 We have loved this 70 degree weather and have soaked up lots of Vitamin D and have spent as much time outside as we can.

Saturday we all went to a park in Covington for Paige to ride her bike and to walk around and enjoy nature.
 One of the ponds there had lots of frogs which was so fun to explore. We would walk along the water's edges and they would just jump out from under us. Paige liked them from a distance. It was fun to look at each one that we could find and Nate even caught one.
 One happy and cute family. :)
 The cutest one in our family...
 Then today was beautiful again and so Paige and I went to the park and she put her feet in the water and got her dress wet so we decided to go back home and Paige changed into her swimsuit and we brought a few things to play with on the lake. She loved digging the dirt and splashing in the cool water.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Little Bike Rider

 Paige's new love is biking riding. We have been able to do it more with the wonderful weather we are having. She like to ride around and around while I just sit and watch and soak up the sun.
 It was warm enough that the jacket even came off.
I love spending my days with this silly little girl.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Monday, April 6, 2015

Grandma, Poppy, and Great-Grandma came to visit!!!

 My parents and grandma came to visit us for about a week. It was so nice to see them and Paige loved having more people around to play with. We had a busy, fun-filled week. They got here Saturday and that day the girls went to the Women's Broadcast and then Sunday was church. 

Then on Monday we made our way over to the coast. Once we got to Westport we went to the tallest lighthouse in Washington.
Grays Harbor Lighthouse
We even got a little tour and got to walk all the way to the top.
 Paige was too little to go up and Nate was fine staying with her since he is not a fan of heights.
 Then we went into the town and had a small picnic and walk around the marina and saw some people catching crabs and saw some sea lions from a distance.
 We checked into our little house and then went back to walk along the coastline.
 The ocean is so amazing and beautiful. I could listen to waves all day.
 We went back to our cute house for the night and had dinner then Nate, my Dad, and I had a little fun playing horseshoes.
 Dad got a double ringer to seal the game against Nate.
 Paige got to go "swimming" before going to bed.
 The next morning we headed back to the marina to get a better view of the sea lions which was Paige's favorite part of the whole trip.
 Then we went back to the beach for one last look of the ocean before heading home. Paige was not a fan of the wind coming off the water and was cold and tired. My arms got a good work out since she wanted me to carry her most of the time.
 We stopped in Tumwater on our way home and went to this fish hatchery park that had beautiful waterfalls.
 Wednesday we went to the temple and then Thursday we went to Seattle for the day. It was a beautiful day which was wonderful. First we stopped at the big Goodwill and then we went to the Ballard Locks and had a picnic and watched a few boats go through the locks.
Then we went and did the Underground Tour which is pretty amazing and interesting and then went to Pike's Place Market and walked around and saw the fish throwing and the gum wall.
 We went to dinner with my cousin Heather in Seattle and then and next day was the day they had to go home. :( We stopped at Snoqualmie Falls and then they were off. It was a great visit and we already want them to come back!