Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trip to Boise

This past Thursday and Friday I had a field trip to Boise for one of my classes. The class is Connecting Education and Employment so we went to a lot of different businesses in our field of study. It was a really fun trip though I was way tired when I got home Friday night.

Our first stop was at Eastern Idaho Technical College in Idaho Falls. It was interesting to see the different areas in PTE (Professional Technical Education which is what my field of study fits under).

Then we went to Skyline High School and saw the daycare/preschool they have there. It was made for the purpose of teen moms so that they could go to school and finish high school. The moms are required to take a class there and have to be pretty involved with their child. Others can also pay for their children to go there and other students can take the class and learn to play and take care of the kids.

Then we quickly made a stop at the Idaho Falls Temple and walked around and took some pictures.
Then we stopped at a culinary school in Idaho Falls. All the high schools in the area can go to this school for an hour or so and if they want get college credit.
The students there planned and prepared a delicious lunch for us.
Then we made our way to Twin Falls and stopped at Canyon Ridge High School. It is a new high school and has some really amazing and updated stuff.

We first went and talked to the FCS teacher. She had this amazing kitchen area, some pretty cool babies that the students have to take care of and a classroom that had some updated technology.
This baby is to show the students about shaken baby syndrome. The students can see how it effects the brain and the different areas of the brain and what part of the body it effects.
This school also had a really advance mechanics area and had some robotics and cool machines that students could work on and there is also a nursing program where students can get college credit and get their CNA by the time they are done with high school.
Then we made it to Boise and we went to Tucanos Brazilian Grill. We got to tour the kitchen and see the workings behind the scene and then we got to eat to our heart's desire. They have a ton of meat and waiters come around and keep on giving it to you until you absolutely can't eat anymore. The meat was really good but their mashed potatoes were amazing along with the grilled pineapple.
Then on Saturday we went to Meridian High School and talked to the FCS teacher there. This school is a lot more what I am used to and not quite as fancy. She talked about different things she did, talked about FCCLA and being an adviser, and also answered any questions we had.

Then we went to the Renaissance Center. It is this huge warehouse that a big portion of it is a high school, part of it is ISU campus, and then the other part is a PTE school. The high school students can go to the PTE part of the school and get hands on experience in different fields and get college credit. We just went to the culinary part of the school and the teacher showed us his kitchen. It was pretty impressive.
Then we went to the Dennis Center which is a PTE school. It didn't have any FCS programs but it had some really cool stuff and classes that would be way fun and gives students hands-on experience.
One of the students projects in the electronics class is to design this trike with a stereo system.
Automotive- There were two garages. One side was learning to work on the cars and the other side was doing the body work. The students get the body all nice and painted and at the end of the year they have a picnic and bash the cars so they can get fixed up the next year.
MachineryThen we made our way to the State Capitol. I love walking around the capital building. It has such amazing architect and it is interesting to see where laws and things that effect the state happen. So we had time to walk around and then we talked to the Stated Adviser of PTE who is also an FCCLA state adviser.
Then we stopped at this fun little family owned fabric store. It was pretty small but they had some high end, very expensive fabrics. It was fun to touch all of them though I am sure I would never buy any of them. For me it was fun to see the different clothing they had made.
Our last stop was at this fun little Italian restaurant where we talked to the Internship missionaries and they talked about different internships we could do in the area and also about some job tips.

We then made our way home and I was so glad to see Nate and sleep in my own bed!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


This post is full of random pictures and events that I am finally putting on my blog.

A day after we left to leave to Washington for the 7 week break our family dog, Pal, passed away. He was a pretty old dog and has been with our family since like 93 or 94- I don't even really know- just that's its been a long time. I miss him greeting me every time I came home, I miss seeing him bite at the water, I miss him running with me, and I just miss him. He was such a great dog!
The first weekend of school, we traveled to Shelley to run in the Spud Run. It was pretty fun. Erika, Sharolyn, and I all ran today and took our sweet time. Amy got competitive and decided to leave us half way through the race. We stayed to see Dad finish his half marathon and then went and ate breakfast at Amy's house. We also went to Spud days and saw the parade, got a ton of candy, and got a free potato!

Before the race.
The three of us finishing. Charlotte decided to run with us the last little bit and the last few feet I decided to sprint and leave Erika and Sharolyn in the dust. I guess it is the competitive nature in me that I didn't want them to beat me.After the race- Dad ran the half marathon and won! Maybe some day I will be able to run that far but I am sure I will never win. I am sure my dad will always be faster than me and in better shape than me.

The last weekend of September, Nate's parents came to visit us in Rexburg. It was fun to show them around the school and let them see our way of life though it isn't really that exciting. Nate's parents got to see him at Frisbee tryouts and then Saturday they got a tour of farm life. We visited and toured both of my grandparent's homesteads. At my Grandma and Grandpa Walker's house they even got to see some of the cows getting some shots and some of my cousins' kids prodding them with sticks to get them into place. Also on Saturday night Margaret, Michelle (Nate's cousin), and I went to the Relief Society Broadcast. We met up with Erika and enjoyed a great meeting. Then on Sunday we traveled down to Firth and went to church there and enjoyed a big dinner with my family. It was a really fun weekend!

We also went and saw the big feeders which is a start of the irrigation system from the Snake River. At Grandma and Grandpa Peterson's playing tops.
I had to get a picture of this cute little house. This is the house I lived in when I was single. I lived in the basement. It was so fun living here! The sad thing is they are going to tear it down along with the other houses down the street from it. I think they are planning on building new apartments that are more updated. I just hope they give the new apartments that older look because it is sad to see these old home being taken down.

Then conference weekend we went to Firth. We relaxed a lot and just enjoyed the sessions of conference. Nate forgot his Sunday clothes so for Priesthood session he borrowed one of my Dad's shirt and wore his jeans. He decided to also wear one of my dad's belt buckles so that he could fit in with the Firthites. It was pretty funny to see.Also during the weekend, I finally got Charlotte's Halloween costume done. She is little bo peep and Juliette has a cute lamb outfit to go along with her sister's costume. I was so excited to see it all done and on her. It turned out super cute!