Monday, July 25, 2016

Letter M

 Our Letter M crafts and activities:

Monday Paige made this maraca. It is a water bottle that she put beans and noodles in and then I put a toilet paper roll on the handle and paper on the outside for her to decorate. Every so often she would ask if Nate or I wanted music and if we said yes she would shake it for us.
This one she did completely on her own. She knew we were doing the letter M for the week and she told me that mouse started with M. So right after breakfast she drew the mouse and got paint out. She even got black and white out because she knew mixed together it made gray. After the paint dried she decorated it and drew on it. I had no guidance in this one at all and she did amazing. I love my little artist.
 Then Tuesday she had some macaroni and cheese for lunch.
 She also made a paper bag mermaid. Later in the day she made another puppet that was her and we both did little puppet shows.
 She also glued macaroni noodles onto a cardboard M and then painted them.
 Wednesday she made some mittens.
 And we did some M & M math. She put all the M & Ms on and then added them up herself and wrote the numbers herself. Then we all got to enjoy eating some.
 Thursday she made this mountain.
 Friday and Saturday were busy days so yesterday we did a monster day.
We did a monster matching game.
 Counting her matches.
 And she also did a build your own monster. I printed this off from Pinterest and in the packet there was a couple of bodies, lots of eyes and mouths, and some arms and legs. We put together a few different combinations and she thought it was pretty silly.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Remlinger Farm

Anna and Scott and their family, Margaret, Paige, and I all went to Remlinger Farm for Mikey's birthday. We all got a great deal on Groupon and went together and had a great time.

Paige and I went up with Margaret and we got there with a bit of time before the others arrived and so we got to enjoy a little treat.
And there was some fun things to climb on for a bit.
We then headed in for all the fun and there were a whole bunch of these things and Paige loved them and wanted pictures in lots of them.
We first went to the ponies and the kids got to go on some rides. I got to walk along with Paige which was a good thing or I don't think she would have gone.
We thought it was fun that Paige got to ride Peaches since that is what Paige was called when she a little baby.
Then they rode the canoes.
Paige kept on trying to get it to go faster by pushing on the sides.
Then everyone went on a train ride.
Then more exploring on the farm.
Then we went on the old car ride. This is one of my favorites and Paige loved it too. Paige sincerely believed that she was driving and was so focused on turning the wheel at the right time. It was so cute to watch.
We went a couple of times because we liked it so much.
All the kiddos.
The petting area.
The older two boys went on a bike trail and Paige and Brett went on the smaller rides.
I wasn't sure how Paige would do on rides and it was good that we started simple and got a little bigger and faster.
Here she wasn't so sure about it but by the end of the day she didn't want to leave and wanted to go on as many rides as possible.
Paige also loved the hay maze and jumping in the hay.
I helped her once jump off the ledge and then she was happy doing it herself and jumped over and over again.
We then went on the spinning pumpkins. One spinning ride was good for me. I get dizzy so easily but Paige loved the spinning rides so it was good that she had cousins there to go with.
I loved this little roller coaster. Paige went with me both times but I don't think she liked it that much. A little to jerky for her.
This was Paige's favorite ride. You could spin it as fast as you could. She held on to the top as her older cousins spun it around. The faster it got the bigger her smile was.
She then went on the pumpkin ride again. It was cute to see her big smile and being all scrunched up against Brett because of the momentum of the spin.
A little ferris wheel.
And a little carousel.
Brett and Paige then went on this ride a few more times. I love this picture of Paige waving to me. She got so brave and loved the rides.
Anna and Scott left and Paige wanted to go on a few more ride. She got to ride another pony and picked a few more rides to go on one more time. She loved every minute of it of our fun day!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Letter L

 We had lots of fun for the letter L. There were so many fun ideas that I found and we did as many as we could. 

We started the week off by doing a laundry line. She loves designing the clothes and when she showed me when she was done she said she wished she had pants like that.
She also painted this L lamp.
 Tuesday she made this ladybug.
 And we read a book about 10 little ladybugs.
 Wednesday she made a Lion Paige. She loved this one and I think she makes one cute lion.
 Thursday was the day Paige was most excited about. Last week she helped me make an invitation for a lunch and lemonade party with Nona and Brett. They came over and first they played with little people- we have quite the collection. Then they each made their own lemonade.
 Then they painted with lemons and limes.
 We all then had some lunch and they played some more. It was a fun little party to celebrate the letter L and just to have some fun with family.

Thursday evening Paige and I went over the playground at the school and gathered leaves. She loves collecting things around her- flowers, rocks, leaves, anything she thinks is cute or pretty. Then Friday she did this paper which has leaf rubbings and then she glued some of the leaves we gathered onto the letter L.
 Then Sunday she made this L llama. She loved making things her own. I asked her about the red coming out of the llama's mouth and she said it was a really long tongue. Also she is getting really good at drawing flowers. I love my little artist.