Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

We had a great Thanksgiving. We had dinner with Nona and Papa, Aaron and Rachel and their kids, and Anna and Scott and their kids. It was busy day and we had a couple surprise visitors- Josh and Jaycee.

Once everyone arrived the kids did a little craft and played some Thanksgiving Bingo while the final preparations were done for the big feast.
Nona and Papa ate their dinner with the little ones.
We all ate until we were stuffed and then Nona took the grand kids on a little walk in the forest and then everyone headed out. Margaret and Dale headed down south to have dessert with their Oregon kids and the others went to their other families for their pies. Josh and Jaycee stayed for a little bit more and we got to visit with them and share the pie I had made. Then we were left with a quiet house so we pulled out the Christmas tree and started decorating. Paige was such a great helper and loved every minute of it.
I enjoyed a second piece of pie later in the evening. I had asked Nate what kind of pie he wanted since it would just be us and he never told me so I made one for me- chocolate pudding pie with a cream cheese layer. It was delicious!
For the month of November I printed off a bare tree and a whole bunch of leaves. Every night before Paige went to bed I had her write something she was thankful for and tape it on the tree. She got to practice her writing and she loved taping the leaves on. I think in her mind the word thankful was related to church things so her first few leaves were Jesus, prophet, church, sacrament, the prophet's friends (apostles). I loved seeing her think of these things on her own and get a glimpse of the start of her own testimony and realizing that these things are important. After a few days and her not being able to think of anything I explained that you can be thankful for anything. She loved doing this little activity every night.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Silly Girl

 I haven't blogged in awhile and feel like a slacker so here are a few shots from the past few weeks that I will cherish forever.
Paige got introduced to the movie "Hook" and so she decided to dress up like Tinkerbell and attempt to fly. It was pretty cute to watch.
 Last Sunday I went to a meeting and came home to this. It was awesome! Every time I looked at here I just laughed. I guess she kept on adding things and show Nona her beautiful art. She had eye shadow, a mustache, glasses, and then she wanted to be a kitten so she added the whiskers. Nate said that was his favorite part because once she added the whiskers she started acting like a kitty. She used these body crayons that Margaret has but it still took a good scrubbing to get it off. Once I got home and saw it I pulled out the camera and she thought she was so silly making different faces. I love that she thinks she is so silly. She gets that trait from both her parents. I love my silly little girl who is growing up way too fast.
 I love the circle around her belly button.

Monday, November 2, 2015


 Paige loved every minute of Halloween this year. She has been so excited to go trick or treating and we have practice for weeks now saying "trick or treat" and then "thank you" when she got the candy. She is a pretty shy little girl so I was hoping this year she would be brave enough to talk to the strangers giving her candy. 

Friday morning Paige woke up and the first thing she said was "are we going to the trunk or treat right now?" She was ready to go the moment she woke up and I had to keep telling her that we are going at dinner time. On Friday night we had our ward trunk or treat. Paige dressed up as Cinderella and I was her fairy godmother. Paige even got to wear some make-up this year and was so excited about it. I had fun doing her hair and dressing up with her. 
 Saturday Anna and Scott and their boys came over for dinner and then we all headed to the country club for trick or treating. Paige loved it! She did so good. She walked pretty much the entire time even though it was pouring rain. She did a great job at saying trick or treat and thank you and loved ringing the doorbell. She was great at taking turns and she even lasted longer than Brett and Mikey and wanted to get as much candy as she could. She was the cutest little ballerina and loved every minute of it.