Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wedding #2: Erika and Brian

 On September 21st we gained four more people to the Peterson clan. My sister, Erika, married Brian and he has three young boys. They got married at the church building in Firth. It was a very simple but beautiful ceremony and then the reception was outside the church building. We were a little bit worried about the wind but it was a perfect night.

Waiting for the wedding to start
Right after getting all ready. What a beautiful bride!
 Getting hitched. :)
 We took some fun photos before the reception started.
 We even had a little helper who wanted in on the pictures taking fun. (This is one of Brian's boys.)
Since we had the the two weddings so close together (Karlton/Michelle's on the 20th and Erika/Brian on the 21st) we decided to have a few pictures of the brides and grooms together.
 Sibling fun.
There has been this joke for a long time that when Erika got married she would have lots of pink and big butt bows. We thought it was funny because Erika is not a girly girl. So for fun I made some butt bows and we had to get some pictures with them.
The little girls even got to have a butt bow picture.
 The really cute cake that our neighbor, Shelley Killpack, made. The boys each got their own cake to cut first and then the couple got to cut theirs.
Here is the quilt that I made for Erika and Brian. My Grandma Peterson usually makes all her grandkids a quilt that is this pattern when they get married and since she can't sew anymore I volunteered.
 The reception was really nice but we didn't get any pictures of people mingling because we were in charge of taking pictures of everyone that came for Erika and Brian's guestbook.

The getaway car- it was quite messy and Brian's brothers even put a couple bags of rice in the car- I must say that after these two weddings I am glad that Aaron and Rachel were in charge of our car and they knew to be nice especially to the paint on the car. 
 Erika's reaction to the rice.
Congrats Erika and Brian!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wedding #1: Karlton and Michelle

 On the 20th of September we gained another amazing member to the Peterson family. My brother, Karlton, married his best friend, Michelle, for time and all eternity in the Idaho Falls Temple. It was a beautiful wedding ceremony and the sealer had some really good words of wisdom. It is always good to listen to the sealing and be reminded of the covenants and blessings that Nate and I have when we got married.

Earlier in the week the weather wasn't very good but Friday the weather was absolutely gorgeous and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.
Waiting for the newlyweds to make there grand entrance as husband and wife.
 Mr. and Mrs. Peterson
 What a happy and beautiful bride!
 Getting kisses from Aunt Michelle.
 Lots of pictures of the happy couple, family, and friends at the temple, enjoying the wonderful day.
 The Peterson girls.
 After we were done at the temple we headed up Michelle's home and had a luncheon and chilled until the reception.
 It was really good to see my grandparents again.
Paige and Juliette had lots of fun playing in the rocks and the dirt even in their pretty dresses.
 All their spoils- My Grandma Peterson has made a quilt for every grandkid when they got married and due to her health she can't sew anymore so I made the quilt for Karlton and Michelle.
 Their cake that my Aunt Linda made for them. It turned out so pretty.
 Getting ready to cut their cake.
 Oh yes that is my brother....
 They had a dance at the end of the reception.
 It was very sweet to watch Michelle dance with her dad.
 Their lovely car.
Congrats Karly and Michelle!