Saturday, October 29, 2016

Thomasson Family Farm

 Paige had her first every field trip a couple of weeks ago. Her preschool class went to Thomasson Family Farm. We have been going there every year since Paige was a baby and we love going there so Paige and I were both excited to go. A couple of years ago when we went Paige was so excited to see a school bus and now she old enough to be one of those kids that is on the school bus. 

This was her first time riding a school bus and she was so excited about it! She was pretty shy with me being around and so she wanted to sit by me for the ride there.
The whole group stayed together with a "tour" guide. We stopped at each station and they kids had 15-20 minutes at each station. The first station was the corn box. It was pretty crazy with all those kids in it but it really warmed Paige up.
 Next station was the hay maze/bike riding. Paige stayed in the hay maze the entire time. She loved going down the tube slides and running and climbing on all the hay.
 Next stop was the animal petting area. They had a couple of calves, a horse, some pigs and goats, and some bunnies and kittens. The kittens were so adorable and I held one almost the entire time for the station so the kids could pet it.
 Then all the kids got on a large wagon with hay bails to go on a little hay ride. The wagon was full of kids so the parents got to walk to the next area. Once their hay ride was done each kid got a bag and got to go to the pumpkin patch to pick out their own pumpkin to take home. 
 Then the next area was all the kids gathered together and learned a little bit about pumpkins and how they grow. Then they went in different groups and went on this little tractor ride. It is a tractor that pulls 6 of these little barrel seats.
 Then they all got to play in the big fun, play area. Lots of different things to do and to play on.
Things to climb on...
 Cows to milk.....
 A big slide to go down....
 Ducks to race...
 And little slides to go down over and over again....
 Chalkboard to draw on......
Things to jump on....
 And lastly saddles to try out.
 Then everyone gathered together around a picnic area and we had our packed lunches. It was cute to watch Paige interact with her friends and have little conversations while they were eating.

We then walked to a meeting area while we waited for the bus to get ready.
 She thinks she is funny. :)
 A beautiful day and a beautiful view.
 Our awesome ride!
 It was such a fun day and a great field trip. Paige had so much fun with all her friends and being outside all day. On the way home she even sat by a friend on the bus instead of her mom. I love seeing her grow up and interact with kids her age. It was such an awesome day!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fall Shenanigans

 This past Saturday was a gorgeous fall day. We spent most of the day at Nona and Papa's and we brought the camera along for a little fall photo shoot with our favorite model.
 Saturday evening we went to Fred Meyer and picked out some pumpkins to carve and then last night we spent the evening carving them. Paige helped a little bit more this year than in years past. She helped get some of the guts out but still really didn't want to touch them much.
 Nate did the Seahawks one and Paige and I did the Tinker Bell one. I think I am better at carving just a traditional jack-o-lantern but it turned out pretty good. Then the rest of the evening Paige helped me sort through the guts and pick out the pumpkin seeds so that I can roast them once they dry out some. You know it is getting close to Halloween once we carve pumpkins!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Letters U and V

 I didn't post last week about her letter activities so here are the crafts that she did for the letter U and V from the past two weeks.

 Under water
 And under the ground
 And her last U craft was Up so I showed her the house from the movie Up and she did her own. I told her the house needed lots of balloons in order to get in the air but she was happy with four. :)
 Then this past week she did lots of V crafts. For me finding U crafts was a little bit more difficult but for V I found lots of ideas. And also for these pictures Paige was making all sorts of faces. :)

 Vegetables- she was "eating" the vegetables for the picture.
 Volcano- she did a scared face.
 A village- she saw the puppy when we were finding pictures of cute houses for her to color and really wanted the puppy to be in her village because he was so cute.
 And a vampire- it was a perfect craft to do since Halloween is coming up quick and for the picture she wanted to be the vampire and that is why it is over her face.