Thursday, January 14, 2016

Bows for Activity Days

 I should have posted more about the different activities I have done in activity days so that I remember them for future references but here is an activity that we did this week. The girls got to put together felt bows. I printed off about 6 different patterns that the girls could use and they got to put them together to their hearts desire. I had lots of different colors of felt, some ribbon, and the hair clips. I limited it to four but the girls only got 1 or 2 done in the time that we had. The girls really enjoyed it and here are the examples that I showed and then I gave them to Paige.
 She really liked the bows!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Christmas Miracle

 Nate has been growing his thick locks for almost a year and he knew that I was not a fan of the long hair but I dealt with it and had fun by braiding his hair and it was fun to watch Paige do her dad's hair. I knew he would cut it eventually but knew it had to be done on his time. He surprised me the day after Christmas telling me it was the day and we had lots of fun and laughs with the hair cutting process.

The before pictures
 Nate has incredibility thick hair. It was so hard to put all of it in a bun.
 Paige enjoyed the process just as much as I did and wanted to be in all the pictures.
 The fun began- we started with some cute bangs. This hair style made me laugh so hard and his hair looked fake like he had put a wig on.
 Then Paige got a turn doing some cutting.
 Next was the mullet- another style that got lots of laughs.
 Nate's favorite- I think he likes it so much because he looks like Lloyd on Dumb and Dumber.
 While Nate was doing the final cuts Paige did her hair in different ways and wanted me to take pictures of each hair style.
 She thought she was so funny with this one- I wonder where she gets that from. :)
 Look at all that hair!
 All done- He was not too happy with the loss of hair but I LOVE it! Happy wife, happy life! :)