Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend

 We had an awesome Memorial Day weekend. The weather was beautiful and we spent as much time as we could outside.

Friday we decided to go to Saltwater State Park. It was a gorgeous day. We packed a picnic and then enjoyed exploring the beach at low tide.
For dinner we had sandwiches and Paige decided to make her own. It was so cute to watch. She took the time to tear off all the crust and got everything out and ready and the only thing she needed help with was slicing the cheese.
 Saturday we had a lazy morning but after lunch we went and walked a different part of the Soos Creek Trail. It was pretty hot but it was so green and beautiful. One of the many reasons I love living in Washington is all the green and trees.
 Then that evening we went to Lake Meridian and went on a family kayak ride. I was in my own kayak and Nate and Paige were in the other one. It was nice and peaceful and Paige enjoyed paddling the kayak when she could.
 It was such a beautiful and clear day and the view of Mount Rainier was gorgeous though pictures don't do it justice.
 Paige was so excited to see the baby ducks for the first time this year. They are so cute and Paige says she wants to bring home with her if it would stay little forever.
 Then we ended our great day with a nice little fire.
 Every year for Memorial Day one of my favorite traditions is going to Tahoma National Cemetery. We went on Sunday evening when it is a little bit more quiet and not as many people but all the flags are set up at every grave. It is so beautiful and very peaceful. I love doing this every year and it reminds me how lucky I am to live in such an amazing country.
 We saw some pennies on some of the headstones and we had seen this before but couldn't remember what it meant. So if there is a penny on a military headstone it means that you stopped at their grave to pay your respects for that person. Other coins mean different things like a nickle means you trained in boot camp with that person, a dime means you served with them, and a quarter means that you were there with them during service when they died. I think it is a pretty cool thing and so we grabbed some pennies from the car and Paige picked some graves to put them on.
 Thank you to all those that have served our country. You are truly amazing and our freedoms are because of you.
 On Memorial Day we enjoyed our morning going to some thrift stores and then went over to Dale and Margaret's in the evening. Paige and I went over to the lake before dinner. She wanted to swim with her life jacket. We were only over there for about a half hour but it was nice to soak up more sun and it was so cute watching Paige doggy paddle in the lake.
 We then had a barbecue and enjoyed eating outside.  
 And ended our great weekend off with some smores.
 We live across from a Costco and they have a retention pond. Instead of mowing it this past weekend they had some goats come and do the work for them. Every time we drove by we loved looking to see if the goats were still there. Something simple that put a smile on our faces. :)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sick and Sun

 Last Wednesday after Paige got home from school she seemed really tired. She never takes naps anymore but I encouraged her to take a nap so we laid in my bed until she fell asleep. I didn't think anything of it and she took a good two hour nap and once she was awake around 4 she got up to go to the bathroom and I hear crying. Nate and I go in to check on her and she was sitting on the toilet and had thrown up all over the bathroom floor. Yucky! So we put her in the shower and Nate sat with her while I cleaned everything up and tried not to throw up myself. The smell of throw up has never been a good one for me. Poor little girl! It is never fun to be sick. So she slept in our room that night on the floor so I could help her if she needed to throw up again but she slept through the night which was good. On Thursday she stayed home from school and we had a nice lazy day. I made her a comfy bed in the front room so she could watch Mary Poppins (her favorite movie). She was really good at sipping at different drinks but wouldn't eat anything. In the afternoon she took a long shower and then another long nap.
Friday morning she seemed a lot better and even went to the dentist but about lunch time she was out of energy and took another nap. She wouldn't eat anything which probably didn't help and she enjoyed another long shower that evening. Being sick she would lay in the shower and most of the time when I could go and check on her it would look like she was sleeping but she was just enjoying her shower.
 Saturday was finally the day where our little girl was back to herself. It was nice to see her energy back and her smile. Saturday was a gorgeous day so we went on a little walk on the Soos Creek Trail. Being sick she also watched a lot of Doc McStuffins and so she likes to be Doctor Paige now and carries her stuffed animals around with her so some of her animals got to go on the walk with us.
 A huge skunk cabbage leaf.
 On this part of the trail you walk by someone's farm. Paige loved seeing the horses and this horse walked over to be by us. We kept track of all the creatures we saw on our walk today- horses, dragon flies, little fish, birds, a snake, and a dead mouse. Paige loves being outside and looking at all the different creatures and plants that were around.
 Yesterday the weather got up to 80. We love having the nice warm weather and want to be outside all the time. It has been a long and rainy winter and has lasted longer than normal so we are ready for the sun. It was such a nice day that we decided to go to Nona and Papa's so Paige could run in the sprinkler. She was very tentative at first but then she got going and loved it.
 She loved adjusting the height of the sprinkler and then it was lots of........
Jumping over the water,
 Running back and forth through the water,
 Getting drinks,
 And cart wheels.
 I love this little girl so much!
 And of course her animals had to come join the fun and got to watch Paige play in the sprinkler.
 And then it was some sun bathing to dry off and staring in the sky looking at the airplanes fly by.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mother's Day

 I had a wonderful Mother's Day. I felt very loved and appreciated and I loved spending every minute of it with my cute little family.

It is fun having a child in school for Mother's Day because they make gifts for you at school. :) Paige colored and painted the bag for me and preschool and brought me home this strawberry plant. She was so excited to bring it home to me and said I can't wait until Mother's Day to open it because what is inside needs air and sunshine.
The night before Mother's Day, Nate and Paige spent some time in her room crafting away. They would come out at times to get something and just say we aren't doing anything very slyly. It was cute to watch and Paige was so excited for me to wake up on Mother's Day so I could see all my gifts. It was a fun morning and I felt very loved.
Close up pictures of the crafts from Paige.
 I like how she made one from Nate too. :) And the one of the end is from her doll Rapunzel who is Paige's constant companion and her sister.
 This past week Paige and Margaret went to the dollar store and this is the card Paige picked out for me.
 Then at church she made this cute card for me. I am good at the piano, cleaning, and hugs. Paige just wants to say I love you. I am as pretty as the sky. 
Nate also got me a new phone for Mother's Day. I have been needed one for awhile but have been holding off and he surprised me with it and I love it. We had a nice dinner and Adam and Chelsea and their family. It was such a great day!
I am eternally grateful for this little girl who made me a mother. She is my little miracle baby and she is my constant companion and sidekick. She is one of the sweetest little girls and loves to laugh and play and have fun. She has the most amazing imagination when playing with her dolls and barbies and can create anything she wants with paper. She is the biggest helper and loves to do whatever Nate and I are doing. She is growing up way too fast but I love all the moments I have with her and all the different stages that she has gone through. Yes there are times when I get irritated or frustrated with her but most of the time it is because I am tired or hungry. I guess I am just like a little kid too. :) And she has the most impeccable timing of asking me to do something as soon as I finally can sit down and relax for a moment. She has constant energy and I wish she would give some of it to me. She is so kind and has the most tender heart. I love you Paige Canova Smith!