Monday, January 26, 2015

Daily Doings

 On Friday we went to the library for a castle program. They told stories and sang songs about things that happen in a castle and the kids got to dress up like they were going to the castle. Paige got dressed in her favorite outfit- a pretty princess and this day she decided she wanted to be Cinderella.
 We went with Brett and Anna and Margaret.
 Making silly faces
 Dancing to one of the songs. It was fun little program to attend to.
 Today was a beautiful day! It got up to 60 degrees. It was wonderful to soak up the sun and Paige and I enjoyed some time at the park. There was a lot of people there so Paige didn't want to play on the playground but we had fun with the ducks and lots of rocks, dirt, twigs, and water.
I love watching Paige learn and explore. It was a fun couple of hours with a talkative and cute little girl.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cutie Patootie

 Paige LOVES going to the park. She loved walking around, feeding the ducks, and playing on the playground. One day when I was gone cleaning Nate and Paige went there and had a super cute photo shoot.
 Sunday Paige looked adorable for church so we had to take a few pictures. I braided her wet hair the night before so it was crimped and I will definitely have to do this again because it was so cute. She looked very Christmas-y in January.
 Also on Sunday we transitioned Paige from her crib to a big bed. I know most people probably do this way before their child is three but since she is the only one right now it was just fine. She was so excited as we were getting it all set up. She absolutely loves it and she now will sometimes just sit in her room and play. The first two nights were a little rough since she woke up both times for falling off the bed and then the third night she woke up because she was scared. So I put a night light in her room which seems to be working good. She has been waking up earlier since she can get out of her bed which is not been so fun for Nate and I but we will all adjust. I guess that is what growing up is all about-----now we just need to get the potty training done. :)

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Smith Family Photos

 We had Smith family pictures done during the Christmas break while everyone was here. This family is pretty awesome and I am proud to be a Smith and am so grateful for all of them. The pictures were taken by our one and only Rachel who takes pretty amazing pictures!

All the kiddos excluding Matt.
Silly kids...
 Nona and Papa are pretty awesome!
 The whole crew.
 Smith kids.
 This family of 7 has grown to 26 and I am sure will grow even more in years to come.
 We have pretty cute girls.