Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

 Another great Christmas in the book of our lives. We went up to Rigby Christmas Eve and enjoyed visiting with my grandparents and then we went over to my uncle and aunt's house for our annual Christmas Eve party.
Santa came and visited and Paige was so excited to see him and really liked him from a distance. Then it was her turn to sit on his lap and she sat for about 30 seconds and then was done.
We then headed home and Paige got to open up her new pjs.
Paige was cuter than a cupcake in her new pjs. :)
Santa made it to our house!
Paige was so excited and so happy about her new puppy that Santa brought. Nate took video  and here is the link:
Opening all of our presents. Paige enjoyed opening presents but got distracted very easily.
Opening the new blanket I made her.
Her new quiet book bag for church.
I tried out my new nail polish today. Nate is such a great husband and daddy and painted mine and Paige's toenails. Nate even picked out Seahawks color for me. 
 Paige got new crayons from Santa and grandma and loves coloring everyday.
 I got Nate a Seahawks shirt and he got me one. We are true fans now. :)
 Christmas mustache.
 All of our spoils.
Paige got so much fun stuff. Notice in the picture she is showing off her new rings.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas in Idaho

 For Christmas this year we weren't planning on going to Idaho but then we found out a couple in our ward was traveling to Rexburg so we decided to surprise all of my family. It was awesome! I loved seeing all of their faces and their excitement. My mom said that it was the best Christmas present ever. I don't know how we will top it in years to come. :)

We traveled through Coeur d'Alene and got to spend the night with Uncle Gary and Aunt Dana and their family. It is so nice that we have a stopping place when we do this long drive. Paige loved their dog and loved their Christmas tree.
Yesterday we had a little family get together just for fun. We all had lunch at Derek and Amy's and the kids got to decorate some sugar cookies.
Pushing the sprinkles into the frosting.
I said to smile and this is the face she gave me. :)
Then we all drove to Idaho Falls and went to the Museum of Idaho. Every year they have a free exhibit that has a whole bunch of nativities and gingerbread house. Then we all went to the temple and enjoyed the visitor center and watch some Christmas Mormon Messages.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New Hobby

 Paige loves to color! She colors almost every day. We have had to say many times that you only color on paper. A few times we have caught her coloring on something else which ends her up in time out and cleaning up whatever she colored on but she is learning. She loves to have you draw different pictures and then she will scribble all over it. It is nice that she has found something that she will just sit and do for more than 2 minutes. :)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday Morning Walk

 This past week Paige and I have been sickies so we haven't gone outside much. Today both of us were feeling pretty good so we bundled up and enjoyed some fresh air. It was nice to enjoy the great outdoors with my little family.
What a cutie in her hat and coat.
Whenever we go on a walk we usually always take a few pieces of bread and feed the ducks. Paige is getting a little bit more intimated by them but these ducks aren't afraid of people at all. I would be scared of them too if I were her height. She does like feeding them though if she is up high. 
 Little beggars. :)
Then we walked across the street to go see if there was any fish. The fish are now gone for the season but it is always nice to look at the stream and nature.
What a cute one we have!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sneaky Girl

 So I guess we weren't watching Paige close enough and usually when there is silence that means she is getting into something. She had gotten a hold of a permanent marker and decided to color. We have been coloring a lot lately and she is doing really good and seems to enjoy it. This time though she decided that coloring on herself was a good idea.
I think she enjoyed doing it but when she realized it didn't just come off she was not a happy camper.
 Trying to get it off by herself. :)
This happened on a Saturday night and Nate did pretty good about getting most of it off but she still had a few marks to show off at church.

Thursday, December 5, 2013


 We had a great Thanksgiving with lots of family and fun! We missed Christy and Robert and their family but everyone else was here so it was a full house. The day was very busy and the food was SO good!
Some of the best rolls in the world.
The adult table.
And the kid table.
After dinner Aaron and Rachel and their family went to her mom's house for dessert and we decided to go for a walk to make some room for pie. We walked along the Soos Creek so we could see the salmon.
We told them to hold hands and it lasted for a minute and most of the time Brett was leading Paige. It was pretty cute.
Friday Aaron and Rachel went to the hospital to have their baby and we had the three younger boys so all of the rest of the cousins came over and in the morning we went over to the park to feed the ducks and to play on the playground.
 Friday morning we gained another Smith, Carly May Smith. Paige is no longer the youngest and she looks so big next to her new cousin. Friday night we went to the hospital to see the new baby and Paige even held her for a moment and she loved the cute little baby girl. It is nice to have another girl cousin. :) (Sorry for the poor quality- I took this picture with my phone.)