Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A 5 Year Old!

 Last week on the 22nd Paige turned 5 years old. I can't believe that I have a 5 year old! She is such a joy and I love being her mom. She is my constant companion. She loves her baby dolls and barbies and playing pretend with them. She has a great imagination and can play pretend for hours on end by herself. She loves crafting- cutting, coloring, and creating. She is so creative and some of the things that she creates amaze me. She is such a silly and happy girl. She is quick to smile and laugh and loves to be a little tease. Happy birthday sweet girl! I love you with all my heart!

Paige had a great birthday. My parents came all the way from Idaho to be here for the week and celebrate with us. We started our day off by going to the Black Diamond Bakery to get some doughnuts for breakfast.
We then went to Covington Community Park and found Nate working and brought him a doughnut and enjoyed walking around there for a bit.
 We then headed home for lunch and spent the afternoon prepping for the birthday party. Paige decided that she wanted a kitty and puppy birthday party. We hung up some orange streamers because that was the color that Paige picked out that she thought represented cats and dogs. We also hung up lots of kitty faces and bones all over the house. I also made the cake and my mom was kind enough to decorate it. It turned out perfect!
 The party started that evening and when everyone got there the first thing was making collars for their stuffed animals that they brought to the party.
 We then had a delicious spaghetti dinner- Paige's request since it is her favorite and then we played some games.

First was pass the flea-it was like hot potato with a bouncy ball that Paige made look like a flea.
 It came down to Mikey and Paige and Paige barely won and she said she won since she was the birthday girl. I don't know how many times during the day she said that she got to do things since she was the birthday girl. She enjoyed her day and loved all the attention. :)
 The second game was the person in the middle was blindfolded and they had to point to someone in the circle around them. That person had to either Meow or Ruff but disguise their voice. If the person in the middle guessed them then that person went to the middle and if they didn't guess right then they would point to someone else. This one was really fun and got lots of laughs.
 The last game we did a simple relay race. We divided into two teams. You had a put a spoon in your mouth and balance a dog bone (graham cracker ones) on it and crawl to a plate. You then dropped it on the plate and ate it like a kitty or puppy without your hands.
 Paige was having a hard time eating like a puppy and picked up the plate to eat her treat. :)
 This cute girl just crawled around and enjoyed watching us play the games. After we were done with the relay race she did take one of the graham cracker bones and put it on a plate and try to eat it like a dog. It was pretty cute and silly.
 Then it was cake and present time!
 Paige got LOTS of crafting things. Her family must know her well. :)
 I made her some Peppa Pig finger puppets. I have had them pinned on my Pinterest for awhile and every time she saw them on Pinterest she said she wanted them. So when she was at school the week before her birthday I created the patterns for them and put them together. They turned out super cute!
The other thing she asked for from Nate and I was a clock for her room. It had to be one that had the red numbers so she can she what time it is at night. She absolutely loved it and it was funny to see her excitement for an alarm clock. :)
 She ate a little bit of cake but was so excited for try out some of her new craft things. Anna and Scott got her this cute little painting kit that she immediately tried out. I love her look of concentration trying to paint as perfectly as she could.
 She has quite the steady hand for a 5 year old.
 Before she went to bed we remembered to do the money jar.
 And to get her measured for the year.
 Happy birthday sweet girl! It was such a fun day!