Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Adventures

 We had a great Valentine's Day. Holidays are so much fun with kids and Paige is at the perfect age where she gets so excited with all the fun.

Paige had her first Valentine's party for school so on Monday we worked on some Valentines. She put together all the ones for her friends and teachers and wrote everyone's names. Then she did a couple of Valentine's for her grandparents that required painting her feet. She had so much fun doing this and it was cute watching her create. After she was done with that craft, she had extra paint and said with it she was going to paint a masterpiece. She says some of the cutest and funniest things.
 My mom sent this cute decoration about a week before Valentine's day. Once we got it we spent one evening decorating and coloring all the hearts and it makes a perfect Valentine's decoration in her room.
 Then it was finally the day and Paige woke up to this little treat. She was so excited for the day and I loved seeing her reaction when she saw this treat. 
 Paige got up earlier than usual with excitement for the day especially for school. Since we got her a little Valentine's treat and while I was making breakfast and getting ready she hid in her room for awhile and when she came out she had these sweet Valentine's for Nate and I. She is the sweetest and most thoughtful little girl.
 She had the best time at school and told us all about her Valentine's party. She made this cute headband and had so much fun handing out and getting Valentine's from all her friends.
 For  a countdown to Valentine's day I cut out these hearts and Nate and I both wrote 7 things we love about Paige. Every morning when she woke up a new heart would be taped on her door. It was a fun and simple way to show Paige how much we love her and she loved looking for the new heart every day when she woke up. We sure love our little Valentine and are so grateful that we are her parents. We are lucky to have such an amazing little girl.

Here are the things that I wrote that I love about Paige:
-Your cute, kissable cheeks
-I love how happy and positive you are
-I love cooking with you especially cookies
-I love that you are so helpful and help me clean around the house
-I love that you love to learn and love school
-I love seeing you take care of young kids like Eliza
-I love our night time chats and hearing your thoughts

Here are the things that Nate wrote:
-I love that you go thrift shopping with me
-I love that you take care of mom and dad when we are sad
-I love your creativity
-I love your BIG hugs
-I love your giggle
-I love it when you are being a trickster.
-I love you!
 Then after we had a quick lunch we all headed out to Dash Point State Park. We have not been there for awhile and it was a beautiful day and we enjoying soaking up some sunshine. Dash Point is pretty awesome. There is some sandy areas but also lots of shells and rocks to look at. And of course the beautiful view of the Sound and listening to the water. We spent almost two hours there and enjoyed every minute of it.
 Paige decided to save as many clams as she could. Any clam that she found that was still closed and alive she would pick up and throw back into the water. It was pretty cute to watch.
 I love my little family so much!
 There was an area that was filled with sand dollars. There were so many and again if Paige saw one that was upside down then she would flip it over.
 We picked up a few of the live ones and watched there little leg filler things move. It was fascinating to watch.
 We found this cool log that had a couple of small crabs and little bug looking creatures. Paige enjoyed poking in the water with a stick making them all move.
 We ended our wonderful day with a Valentine's dinner. Paige and Nate's favorite- spaghetti, heart shaped jello, and heart shaped cheesy bread. It was so good!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Snow Day

 Earlier this week we got a good 6 inches of snow. This is pretty rare for where we live but we enjoyed it for a couple hours since we knew in a couple of days it would all be gone. I kind of like snow like that where I can enjoy it for the day but then it goes away. Living in Idaho changes the way you view snow. :)

We headed to Lake Meridian where they have some small hills that are the perfect size for Paige.
We first went on the bigger side and I thought Paige would love it since she is at times a thrill seeker but by the time she got to the bottom she was in tears. She was brave enough to go down but you could see the terror in her face the farther she went down. 
 So we headed over to the smaller hills and it helped that Nona and Papa came over to the join the fun to bring a smile back to that cute face.
Paige liked to race everyone down and she liked that she always won. :)
 I like everyone's faces in this picture looking down at Paige at the bottom of the hill.
 They still have lots of fun together.
 Nate making me laugh- it's a daily occurrence. :)
 Someone built this awesome snowman!
 She looks so adorable in her snow clothes!
 Then we headed back to Nona and Papa's and we had brought our snowman kit and Nate and Papa built the snowman and Paige helped Nate put him all together.
 Their snowman turned out so cute and they are both so cute!