Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Kubota Gardens

 We have had a long and rainy winter and so I have made a list of things to do outside in the summer and once it warms up. Friday was one of those days. It was so beautiful. No jackets were needed and it was so nice to soak up the sun.

After lunch we went with Dale and Margaret to the Kubota Gardens. They were so beautiful and really the pictures don't do justice. Your eyes take in so much more than what a camera can do.

As soon as Paige saw this overhanging tree she immediately wanted to be on Nate's shoulders to go through it. :)
The coy pond- they were pretty big and Paige was so excited to see each one when they swam by.
 Looking at more fish and turtles in the pond. I love seeing Paige's excitement for all the little things and how much joy she has in everyday things. I need to be more like that and having this amazing little girl around helps me appreciate the little moments.
 I love this picture, that cute smile, and that sweet girl!
It was a gorgeous day and we can't wait for some more fun and more adventures!

Discovery Play Town

 A couple of weeks ago Paige had the week off from preschool for spring break. It was a pretty rainy spring break so we didn't do much but the highlight of our week was going to the Discovery Play Town in Maple Valley with Julia, Wyatt, and Jessie. Paige and I had never gone before but we are sure glad that we went. Paige loved every minute of it and was on the constant go for the 2 1/2 hours that we were there. It has lots of different play areas and was so much fun.
At the vet fixing up a squirrel.
 Spraying me with the fire hose.
 At the grocery store. This is where they all spent the most time and it was so cute watching them interact and pretend.
 Two cute friends since birth.
 The beauty salon- checking out the cute clothes. Paige thought she was pretty funny and was asking what dress Wyatt wanted and kept showing him different dresses. And he would just laugh and say no way.
 Getting her glam on.
 There was lots of rides down the slide. It was so cute watching Paige and Wyatt go down the slide right after each other and run up different ways to see who would get up first and laugh once they met.
 In the kitchen. Paige didn't want to pretend cook when she was in the kitchen- she spent her time in the kitchen dusting everything.
 I asked her why she didn't do this much cleaning at home and she said it was because she didn't have this kind of duster. Maybe I'll have to get her one. :)
 The last area they spent time at was the diner. 
 Cute kids who had a fun day together.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter 2017

 Holidays are so much fun with kids! Paige has so much excitement for everything that has to do with the holiday and Easter was no different. We enjoyed all the different parts of our fun Easter this year.

The first weekend of April, Mike and Christy and their family were up so we had a family Easter egg hunt. Every year I get to fill all the Easter eggs. I love doing it and organizing it all. Paige got to help this year too. I love my little helper.
 The crew assembled for the hunt.
 It was pretty rainy but it didn't hinder any of the kids from finding all their eggs.
 Looking at all their candy.
 Then the Sunday before Easter was the perfect day for pictures. Margaret and Paige had gone a few days before and Paige got a beautiful pink Easter dress. These Easter pictures turned out so cute! Eliza also happened to have a cute pink dress on too and so we got double cuteness. Paige sure loves her little cousin.
 Then Saturday we went and spent the afternoon with Margaret. Paige got to dye lots of eggs and that afternoon was a beautiful day so we spent some time outside soaking up the sun.
Happy Easter! Paige was so excited! In the morning she rushed into our room and said "I saw a blue Easter egg!" And then she was off. She got to find 10 Easter eggs and her Easter basket that the Easter bunny had hid for her. She loved every minute of it.
 After church we had a nice Easter dinner with Margaret (Dale has been gone for the week to California) and then we took a drive to Flaming Geyser and enjoyed walking around there. It was a really nice and relaxing Easter and I loved every minute of the holiday fun.