Friday, April 26, 2013

Palisade's Dam

 One of the last few days that was somewhat decent we decided to drive over and see Palisade's Dam with my mom. It was a very pretty drive and on the way we stopped at a scenic overlook that I have always wanted to stop at every time I drive by.
Then we headed over to see the dam and the wind was really cold so Nate and I walked around at the top of the dam and then we all got out and walked around near the river. We spent enough time to get a few pictures and throw some rocks in the river and then ran to get in the car because the wind was so cold.
Then on our way home we had to stop here:
 Every time we drive by this gas station we have to get some square ice cream. It is world famous and famous in my family.

Monday, April 22, 2013


 Nate and I got Spring fever and had the great desire to do lots of projects around the house especially when  it was actually warm outside (which didn't happen a lot like today there was snow on the ground). We got a lot accomplished!

Our first project we made the crow's nest a little bit safer to my mom's liking.
Next I organized the garage.
 After- My dad built the shelf above the freezers and yes now an actual car can be parked in the garage.

 My dad's work bench hasn't been cleaned since my parents moved here so here is after it got all organized and during the cleaning process my dad called me a slave driver because as we went through things I would ask him go or stay and would give him a short amount of time to decide. I had one night to get it organized and so I had to encourage him to get it done faster because if he would have done it by himself he would have reminisced over each and every thing on that bench.
Next big project was painting the barn.
Testing paint colors
The painting process:
We got all the red done but the weather hasn't been cooperating so we got the white done on a few windows but I guess my mom will have to finish that part up. 
10 gallons of paint later:
 We even painted the front of the chicken coop.
Next Nate painted the front door- Sorry we didn't take a before picture but it was white and really needed a new coat of paint.
The last project we did was burn the ditch bank which was pretty fun and it brought out the pyro in Nate and I.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Graduation Weekend

 This past weekend was full of fun and excitement. Dale and Margaret and Anna, Scott, Peyton, Mikey, and Brett all came to Firth. They got here Wednesday and we went over to our neighbors and saw their goats and baby kittens and the boys helped me do the animal chores and gather the eggs every day that they were here.
Then Thursday we first went to Hell's Half Acre. It is a rest area in between Shelley and Blackfoot on the freeway and has this short hike where there is a lot of lava rock and cool things to explore.
 Nate picked me a pretty flower. Aw Cute! :)
Peyton was so excited to climb in this "cave" and claiming it was his first time being in a cave and was so excited for the "opportunity".
 Next we went to Rupes for lunch which was amazing like always and then we went to the Potato Museum.

 The world's largest potato chip.
 Then Friday we headed up to Rigby and enjoyed some more farm life with seeing lots of cows, lambs, playing on a tractor and even four wheeler rides.
 We then went up to Rexburg and it was fun to look around campus with Anna who hasn't been there since she graduated and we ended our tour by running around the track with the boys. We then drove to Smith Park so that we could get a quick picture of where Nate and I got engaged.
 Then Friday night (April 12th) I graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho. The past four years have been amazing- I met and married the man of my dreams, we had our first daughter, and I have accomplished many great classes and have learned so much. I am so grateful that I stuck it out even though there was challenges and changes and I got my Bachelor's Degree. It is something that I have wanted since I was a little girl and is a great accomplishment for me.
I decided to just go to my individual college graduation and it was only 45 minutes long which was great and my biggest fear was tripping and falling as I was walking across the stage to get my diploma cover. It was fun to see a few girls that I have had classes with and the whole thing was a great experience.
I had so many great professors during my college career and I am especially grateful for my Family and Consumer Science professors. This is two of them- Sister Empey and Sister Nelson.