Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Four years ago today Nate broke his face playing ultimate frisbee.

Before the surgery
See where his face got crushed in

They marked his head because the doctors weren't sure if they would have to peel his face off in order to do the surgery.After the surgery

Home at last
He had three titanium plates placed in and also mesh under his eye because the eye socket was shattered.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


My birthday was fun and relaxing. I was lazy in the morning and then Nate and I went shopping for some presents because he didn't know what to get me and I couldn't think of anything. Then we got home and took a long nap. Then Nate and I started on dinner which was so good- ravoili, breadsticks, and salad and I also made my birthday cake which was very delicious!

Anna and Scott came over for dinner and the party and Aaron was there for the week so he joined in the celebration. There was only 20 candles so I guess I am getting too old so we ended up putting 9 candles in for every person that was there.

Then I got to open my presents. I felt so loved and it was a really great birthday!