Tuesday, December 13, 2016

December Doings

 The first weekend of December the church in Maple Valley holds there annual Nativity event which I absolutely love. This year Paige and I went together and I loved spending this one and one time with my little girl enjoying the Christmas season. The gym is filled with all different kinds of nativities. There is also a room where you can dress up with things from the nativity and have your picture taken. There is a craft room for the kids and a refreshment room. Paige didn't want to dress up and get our picture taken but we did everything else.

We first walked around all the nativities. Paige loved pointing out baby Jesus in them all. These pictures are super blurry since I took them with my phone but it was so beautiful.
 After we saw all the nativities we walked down the hallway with pictures from Christ's life. Walking down that hallway, there was such a reverent spirit about it. At the end of the hallway they have the empty tomb set up and we got to go inside and I loved talking to Paige about the importance of the resurrection and because of Jesus Christ we can live again.

We then headed to the craft room and spent quite a bit of time. Paige loves doing crafts!
 We each enjoyed two cookies before heading home. It was such a fun little outing with my cutie.
 She did quite a few crafts. Two that she did there was a cute Christmas card that had trees on it with stickers to decorate it. I was going to take a picture of it but then I sent it to my Grandma yesterday before I did. I know she will enjoy it. She also did this snowflake. Paige is all about doing things in a pattern.
 This craft we just took with us and did it at home. It is a paper chain countdown to Christmas. She has three other advent calendars that she enjoys doing every morning.
 The next day after going to the Nativity event Paige decided that she wanted to make her own nativity. She first traced her feet and had me cut out the toes for all the different people and animals in her nativity and then she colored and taped and created the cutest little nativity. Left to right: sheep, shepard, donkey, Mary, baby Jesus, Joseph, another shepard, and another sheep with the cutest angel flying in the sky.
 Then on the 7th we got to celebrate Eliza's first birthday. She is the happiest little girl and we enjoyed her party. It was cute watching her eat her cupcake and then when it was time to open presents it was funny to watch all her siblings and cousins huddle around her "helping" her open all her presents. Paige loved that since she got to open presents for one of her favorite cousins.
 Two cute girl cousins- Paige absolutely adores Eliza.
 First taste.
 Starting to dig in.
 I think she liked it. :)
Happy birthday Eliza!

Saturday, December 3, 2016


 A couple of weeks ago we introduced Paige to the game Jenga. She absolutely loved it. She liked the suspense of it all and liked checking all the blocks to find a loose one. It was a fun little game night.

First game with daddy
Look at that cute face- happy and surprised that she didn't knock it all over.
 Then a couple turns later and the tower came tumbling down. :)
 Then a new game with mom.
 Both of us with our looks of concentration. :)
 Gotta find the perfect one.
 Only a matter of time until it came tumbling down.
I love this little family of mine!