Thursday, January 30, 2014

Last Week in Idaho

 We enjoyed our month stay in Idaho. We enjoyed a lot of time with family. 
Last Friday we ate at the Firth Cafe and then went for a short walk along the river.
Then Saturday we went to Charlotte's 6th birthday party. It is crazy to think she is that old and it was fun to visit with family and see how excited Charlotte got opening her presents.
Three princesses- Charlotte didn't want to wear the birthday crown so it went to Paige. :)
 The day before we left for Washington was a really nice day for Idaho. Paige and I went out and fed the chickens and then colored with chalk.
The next day it snowed so it took us awhile to get to Utah. I was hoping Paige would fall asleep on the plane because she was really tired but she didn't. Even though she was tired she did really good. She enjoyed opening and closing the window cover and then she look at books and colored. She was super excited that she got her very own drink.
We will miss all of our Idaho family but are excited to be with our Washington family.

Friday, January 24, 2014


 The other day it was finally somewhat of a nice day and there was no wind so we all went out for a small walk. We walked behind my house along the canal bank and then down the road to make a small block back to the house.
Home Sweet Home
Nate took some great scenery pictures that shows what I saw everyday growing up.
 Now some pictures of our cute little one enjoying finally being outside.
Walking to the canal.
 We got to the canal bank and decided that we wanted to go on a longer walk so Paige and I waited for Nate to go and get the stroller.
 Paige loved being in the stroller. She enjoyed the ride and lounged in the stroller with her hands in her pockets the entire time.
Along the way we also stopped to say hi to the neighbor's goats and also saw a couple dogs, a cow, and a horse which Paige loved like she always does when she sees animals.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Animal Chores

 There has been a few mornings where I do the animal chores and Paige loves to help me (watch me do everything). :) Every night though she is a big helper to my dad and loves to help hand the freshly gathered eggs to him so he can wash them.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy 80th Birthday Grandma!

On Saturday we had a big party for my Grandma Walker's 80th birthday. Most of the family was there and it was a lot of fun to visit and all the kids had so much fun playing together. We had a big potluck lunch for the family and then we played some games
 After lunch all the kids got to decorate a cupcake to enjoy.
 We even had a pinata and Grandma got to take the first swing.
 All the kids waiting for candy to burst out.
 Enjoying the goods.
 One of the games was pin the brooch on the sweater.
 Nate put together an awesome bean bag toss and the kids loved it and were lined up to play pretty much the whole night.
 All the kids colored a picture of grandma and it was some decoration for later in the evening when there was an open house for grandma's friends to come see her.
 There was cupcakes and ice cream for all the guests that came. It was a great evening and Grandma Walker really enjoyed the day.