Thursday, September 18, 2014

Back to Fox Hollow Farm

 I had so much fun at Fox Hollow Farm the first time with Anna and Margaret that I decided to tell Julia about it and she wanted to go and I am so glad she did because we had so much fun. I loved doing things with Julia. Our kids get along great and she is so much fun to talk with.

Our first stop was the petting area.
The goats really liked Jessica's stroller. She was not too fond of them though. It was funny but she may be scared of goats now for the rest of her life.
 I told you they liked the stroller even when it was empty.
 Then we threw some rocks into the creek that runs along the farm.
 Paige LOVED pushing the stroller.
 The macaws were quite friendly on this day and flew all around us and joined us when we were playing basketball.
 Then we made it to the barn where there was adorable baby kittens that I wanted to take home and the corn box. Paige could spend all day in there if I let her.
 To get three little kids to hold still for a picture is a challenge when they are all having fun.
 Then we went on a train ride.
 Next was lunch time and as you can see the macaws really liked us.
 Then we went to the playhouses.
 I want one of these in my backyard.
Paige fixing dinner.
 Our last stop was the bouncing house. Paige did not want to get in. She is not a fan of ground being unstable. So I coaxed her in and showed her that you can hang onto the wall and jump if you want. She was very timid at first but once she got into it she loved it.

Both girls being timid and careful at first and of course Wyatt as soon as he got in her was flying. The difference between girls and boys. :)
 But soon Paige was flying around with Wyatt and this was another place she could have played in all day.
 There was many wipe outs but it was a soft landing so there wasn't any tears....
 Only high flying and lots of smiles and laughter.
 We ended up letting them throw rocks in the creek one more time and then headed home. Everyone was worn out but it was so much fun and I would love to go again.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

We got to go to a Mariners game yesterday with Anna and Scott and their family and Margaret and Dale. Scott got the tickets from someone at work and they were awesome seats. It was so much fun and I am so glad we got the invite to go. They did a blackout so we all got black King Felix t-shirts. Paige looked so cute in hers that went all the way down to her ankles. It was such a fun game to watch even though they lost by a point.
 The moose was Paige's favorite part of the game. She loved watching him ride around on the 4-wheeler (motorcycle to her) and she was very sad and concerned when he left. She kept asking about him until he appeared again.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Fox Hollow Farm

 Last week Anna, Brett, Margaret, Paige, and I all went to Fox Hollow Farms. It was so fun and relaxing. This place has all sorts of animals and most of them you get to pet. There are all sorts of plants and fun places to walk through. We had a picnic there and enjoyed the day.
 There was a pasture full of goats, ducks, chickens, a few sheep, and lots of bunnies. We just got to walk around them and pet them. There was so many bunnies that were super calm and just sat there. It was funny though that Paige trying to pet one that didn't want to hold still and every time she got close it would run away. It was super funny to watch her.
The goats loved Margaret. There was three of them trying to eat her jacket.
 There was a box full of corn that Paige and Brett loved playing in. They probably could have spent all day there.
 We didn't get to pet the kittens which was sad but they were so cute. Paige enjoyed teasing one with a feather she found. There was 10 brand new baby kittens that were so cute.
 The last fun stop for the kids was three big playhouses that they enjoyed exploring.
It was such a fun day and maybe we will go again!