Friday, June 29, 2012


 A couple of weekends ago we had a visitor that came all the way from Washington- Margaret! She came down with Dana and Katie (Katie is thinking of going to BYU-Idaho and wanted to see the campus). It was so fun to have her here for the weekend. We wished she could have stayed longer but it was nice to have her for the few days that she was here.

Thursday we went to the Nature Park and fed the ducks, enjoyed the beautiful weather and time with extended family, played on the play ground, and got some delicious ice cream.
 On Friday, Nate and Margaret went to the DI and found some great stuff. Then while Nate was at class, the girls spent some time on campus. We then went to the Farmer's Market where they released 10,000 lady bugs. It was fun to see everyone swarming around to get some of their own lady bugs to take home with them. Margaret even got her own and gave them to Davian later that day.
 In this picture we were showing Paige the lady bugs that Nona got and we thought she was closing her eyes because of the sun but she had really fallen asleep.
 On Saturday we sat on the lawn of the church and watched some of the air show that was going on that day.
 Then we all went to the DI and we found this great Lazy Boy for $30. It is so comfy and I love to rock Paige to sleep in it.
 Margaret had to leave Saturday afternoon. It was sad to see her leave. We had such a nice, relaxing weekend with her. We will get to see her and more Smiths pretty soon though because we will be going to Washington for the seven week break.

My family came up Saturday evening to have a early Father's Day celebration and to watch Nate's frisbee game. We went to the Nature Park again and fed the ducks some more. The ducks are going to get fat from us. :)
 Nate's game was awesome. Their game was the game of the week on campus so they got to play at the stadium. Nate's team was down at one point 6 to 11 and came back and won. It was a great game to watch.
 It got pretty cold towards the end of the game and I had to bundle Paige to try and keep her warm. She wasn't enjoying being all bundled so much so my mom took her to the Hart and enjoyed some time with her grand baby while the rest of us watched the game.
 The rest of these pictures are random and are ones I have taken over the past few weeks
Paige loves to put her hand behind her head.
 I came out of the bathroom a while back and guess who I found chilling in the crib....

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Three Months

Yesterday Paige reached the 3 month mark. Here is what she is up to:

  • She likes to suck on her fingers a lot
  • She is trying to figure out how to laugh
  • She is starting to figure out how to grab
  • She loves to stand and see the world around her
  • She doesn't always like to go to sleep because she is afraid she might miss something
  • She is very smiley especially in the morning

Monday, June 18, 2012

Birthday Bash

The day before Nate's birthday we celebrated with my family by going and hiking Cress Creek. This was the spot my parents got engaged many years ago. It was very warm but it was really fun. Then after the hike we headed to Idaho Falls to Freeman Park and had a picnic and played around some. It was a fun day!
Looking at water skippers.
This was the spot where my parents got engaged. Aren't they cute?
The huge snake that Derek almost ran over when we were leaving. We all had to stop and take some pictures.
Nate was having some fun taking pictures of Paige on the way to Freeman Park.
Nate got what he wished for from my mom- salsa.
Tuesday was Nate's birthday and he had a really busy day with school so we didn't do much until night time.

Opening all his presents!
He had a sad face because I guessed what it was before he opened it.
The cake was so good! Nate wanted me to make another one once it all got eaten.
Paige and I also got some presents to open from Margaret.