Friday, August 29, 2014


This week's feature is:
Aaron, Rachel, Corgan, Lily, Blake, Cade, Oneil, and Carly
Aaron and Rachel are pretty cool people. They are fun to hang around with and always have something to say that will make you laugh. Corgan is a great example to all his siblings and younger cousins. He is athletic and is fun to watch football with. Lily is such a fun girl and she was one of the only girls that I got to see when Nate and I first got married and it is always to do the girl stuff with her. Blake and Cade are both active boys who are fun to play games with and they are both so funny and have so much energy. Oneil likes to play by himself but Paige loves to follow him around and see what he is doing. He is a happy little guy. Carly is a very cute and happy baby who I am sure is spoiled or according to my mom just loved lots. They are all amazing people and I am so glad I get to call them family.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer Fun

 We love this beautiful weather and Paige and I have loved going outside and soaking up the sun.

Nate and Margaret found the perfect helmet for Paige and she loves it. We tried it out one night trying out about 4 different bikes.
 Yesterday was the perfect day to run through the sprinkle and Paige loved it. She loved running back and forth through it and sticking her head in the sprinkle.
 Today we met up with Julia, Wyatt, and Jessica to play at the park. We had a picnic on the beach, went and fed the ducks, the kids played on the playground but it was pretty warm so we then headed for the lake.
 As you can see their shirts were on for the first part of their swim but soon got wet so it was just diaper swim.
 It was so cute watching them play together. They loved to splash each other and then Paige would run away. If one of them would sit then the other one would. We will definitely have to do this again.

Friday, August 22, 2014

TGIFF plus she came to visit me!

I decided to feature a great friend this week and it was awesome because this week she came to visit me in Washington.

My feature this week is:
Jordyn Whiting
I have had a great group of friends since elementary school and she was part of this group. She is very smart and caring and is super easy to just visit with. Growing up she always had fun birthday parties that were always fun to be a part of. In high school we did cross country, drama, and track together. We have lots of fun times together and I have many memories with her that I will always remember. 

It was so awesome to have one of my friends from Idaho come and visit me in Washington. Jordyn had a doctor's appointment in Seattle so she came and stayed at our house. We got her from the airport and we kayaked on the lake in the evening. It was nice to just talk and catch up on life and talk about random things and enjoy the stillness of the lake.

Then the next morning we got up and headed to Seattle. She went to her doctor's appointment while Nate, Paige, and I went to the Goodwill and to a park. Then we headed to lunch at Dick's and we got to show Jordyn some fun, random things in Seattle. She had already seen the most famous stuff in Seattle so we thought outside of the box of what to show her.

Like the troll under the bridge.
Then we went to the Ballard Locks. It was awesome that salmon were running through the ladder.
 Then we watched a few boats go through the locks system and Paige loved waving to all the people.
 Then we headed to Discovery Park and just talked and listened to the waves. Paige loved playing in the sand. It was a fun day and I hope Jordyn had as much fun as I did and I am so glad that she came to visit us.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Cake of Perfection

 What more could a girl ask for on her birthday?
This cake puts you in chocolate heaven and it was a very happy place to be.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Puget Sound

 My favorite part of going to the sound is flipping over rocks and finding all sorts of sea creatures. Paige was not impressed. She didn't mind looking as long as I was holding her.
 We had a quick snack as we watched the ferries and listened to the waves.

Friday, August 15, 2014


 Growing up I had an amazing group of friends and so here is another amazing friend that I would like to feature this week.

Steph Follet
I have been friends with Steph since elementary school. We have done so much together. We've stayed at each others houses and had many parties growing up. In high school we were pretty close because we did cross country, track, and drama together. She is witty and fun to be around. She is easy to talk to and I know she will go far in life. I am grateful for her friendship.
I am so grateful for the group of friends that I had growing up. They have helped shaped me into the person that I am today. We had some of the best times together and I have many memories that I am grateful for and will cherish forever.

Friday, August 8, 2014


This week's feature is a friend but even more a sister.

Sharolyn Peterson
Sharolyn is the oldest girl in our family and has always been the responsible one that has taken care of the rest of us when we were growing up. She enjoys adventure and she is the one to take if you want to explore the world. She is a great friend and I am very excited for her because this fall she is getting married. Tyler is her perfect match and they will be a great couple. I am grateful for Sharolyn's example to me and that I get to call her my sister.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lake Fun

 We have had some wonderful weather and we have enjoyed being outside especially in the evening. One night last week we went to the lake to give Paige her first kayak ride. She spent a little bit of time in the kayak but most of the time in the water. She loved sitting in the water, throwing rocks, getting the top of her head wet, splashing, and just loving every minute.
What a cute and happy little girl!