Friday, October 25, 2013

Thomasson Family Farm

We decided one nice afternoon to head to the Thomasson Family Farm with Anna and her boys and Margaret. It was so much fun and great for kids! You pay for the kids and adults get in free on weekdays which was awesome too.
Our first stop on the farm was a farm playground. They had tractors and tractor tires to climb on and go through, saddles and lassos, some slides and swings, a chalkboard wall, bubbles, and a "cow" to milk.
Then the kids got to go on a tractor ride and since Paige was small enough and I wasn't sure if she would sit still the entire time I got to go too. :)
We then headed over to the corn box which was my favorite. It is this area full of corn kernels that you get to walk through and just enough sitting in. It was pretty deep so it was pretty difficult to walk through.
Next stop was the apple slingshot. We all got a turn on trying to send apples as far as we could and trying to hit some targets.
Next was the hay maze.
And then the trike race track.
They had some animals to look at and pet- Paige loved it! There was some calves, a donkey, some small pigs and goats, some bunnies, and some really cute kittens.
Washing hands after petting the animals.
Trying to get Paige to smile when there is a camera in her face can be quite difficult. :)
The last thing we did was go on another tractor ride around the huge pumpkin patch.
 It was such a fun day!

Saturday, October 19, 2013


 One afternoon Margaret, Nate, Paige, and I took a nice little drive to see the salmon. Our first stop we walked down a nice path to the river. There were quite a few fishermen and we saw them all catch quite a few fish. 
On our way to the river we saw a fuzzy caterpillar and Paige enjoyed petting it.
Here is one of the fish we saw in the river.

We drove over to the other side of the river and walked around and by chance we found another fuzzy caterpillar and Paige loved it and held it. Then when we were done she went back and picked it up and held it for awhile.
We then drove over to a fish hatchery that had so many salmon. Paige could even see them all from her point of view. We didn't get a good picture of the fish because our camera battery died.
Looking at the fish- it was a fun little outing!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Paige's Quiet Book

 I finally finished the project I have been working on and it turned out so good! I decided that I would make a quiet book made out of felt for Paige for church. Thank goodness for the internet because that is where I got all the ideas and most of the templates for all of the pages.

Tie the Laces
Tic-Tac-Toe anyone?
Finger Puppet Farm
Pick Your Flavor of Ice Cream
Gather the Fruit/Veggies and put them in the Basket
Dress the Girl
Unzip the Mom Ladybug to find the Baby Ladybugs
Button the Flowers- (the top felt flower buttons onto the bottom felt flower)
 Potato Head- This one was really fun to make and I even made some of my own accessories to add to what the template had.
 I debated a lot on how to put this book together. I was looking online for ideas and one site suggested making a bag and not putting them together in a book so you can take one at a time out or if you have multiple kids that each one can have a page for themselves. I liked this idea so I decided to make a bag that was big enough for the quiet book pages along with other things to help entertain Paige and our future kids at church.
I thought about waiting until Christmas to give it to Paige but I am so excited for it so we will see if I can wait that long. :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Conference Weekend

 Conference weekend was a nice relaxing weekend spent enjoying being outside and enjoying being with family.
Saturday in between conference sessions we all loaded up in the van with my parents and Sharolyn and drove up Wolverine Canyon. My dad wanted to go on a 13 mile run in preparation for a half marathon he is running in a couple months and the rest of us enjoyed the beautiful outdoors.
Sharolyn and I hiked up part of this mountain. Maybe if you click on the picture you can see two small white dots just to the left and below the peak on the right side of the picture.
There was a small cave that was a shorter distance so Nate and Paige and I walked up to it and took some pictures.
We would stop every so often and let my dad run by us and give him some water.
Then on Sunday in between session we drove up to Rigby and enjoyed lunch with my Grandma and Grandpa Walker and then we went and visited with Grandpa Peterson for a little bit. It is always nice to visit with my grandparents.
The apple trees at my Grandpa Peterson's house were loaded so we decided to pick some of them.
In my family we enjoyed playing cross-country croquet which is playing croquet where the course goes all over and you have obstacles to deal with. So Sunday evening it was really nice out so we decided to play. We can get competitive in our family so it can get pretty interesting.
 I won! During the game I told Derek that he wouldn't be able to catch me so he got pretty competitive but I still won and enjoyed rubbing it in.