Friday, August 31, 2012

Movie Night

 The other night Dale set up some old footage for us all to watch. It was footage of track practice back in the day when his dad was a track coach. They recorded it for technique purposes to be able to watch themselves. It was fun to see the old footage and to see Uncle Bill in the video back when he was in high school.
 Uncle Bill is the one waiting his turn.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


 Last week we went to the coast for a few days with Dale and Margaret and Aaron and Rachel and their family and Lylia. I love seeing the ocean and we got to stay in this cute little place that was decorated all beachy. It was a fun trip and it brought back memories for Nate because as a young boy their family would go to Moclips and enjoy time on the beach.

Our first stop was in Aberdeen to see the Kurt Cobain memorial.
 Our small trek to the beach
 Ocean Fun
 It was pretty windy.
 Here is the house that Nate and his family stayed in with another family when they would come to Moclips. 
 I was a wuss and kept bundled up. The wind made it a bit chilly for me.
 Nate got some great shots of the scenery.

 Our trip back to our place. Moclips is a very cute and older beach town.
 Rachel made a track in the sand with a rake. It kept the kids entertaining for a while.
 Nate found a starfish and of course I had to get a picture with it. I love seeing all the sea creatures because it  is so new to me. I told Paige she was a lucky girl. She gets to go to the beach and see the ocean for the first time at 5 months. I didn't get to see it all until I was in high school.
 Nate did some skim boarding.
 Lily and I enjoyed watching the others get wet while we stayed dry and warm.
 We had a beach fire one night with delicious smores.
 Some more great shots from Nate. This is the river that flows right off the ocean.
 One night we went out late and got some fun night shots while the tide was out.
 The girl cousins on the Smith side.
 Our last day on the beach.
 Great view of Moclips where we had lunch the last day