Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Play Date: Wyatt + Paige

 Paige and Wyatt are about a week apart and they have so much fun playing together each Sunday and I kept on wanting to have him and his mom come over and we finally made it happen.

We had a gourmet lunch consisting of hot dogs, grapes, chips, lemonade, and some cream cheese brownies.
Then we had a pool party- it was so much fun. They pretty much just played next to each other but one of these days they will figure out that they can play together.
 They both loved finding the airplanes in the sky.
 Silly girl- trying to drink out of the net.
 Paige enjoyed lounging in the pool.

 Paige loved playing in the dirt. :)
 Moms and kids- we had so much fun and they were both ready for a long nap afterwards. We are definitely going to have to do this again.

Sunday, July 28, 2013


 Last Tuesday was graduation for BYU-Idaho and since we aren't in Rexburg we decided to have our own little graduation for Nate.

Anna made up the program and it was very low key and so much fun.
We had the song Pomp and Circumstance Graduation Walking March playing as the "professors" (Aaron, Scott, and Dale) and our proud graduate walked down the walkway to our makeshift podium and stage.
 Nate waiting for the music to end.
 Two cute girls enjoying the ceremony.
 Those that attended the graduation- they all did really good and sat and listened to the short graduation probably because they knew there were treats after it was all done.
 Brett saying the opening prayer.
 Nate listening intently- Aaron gave some opening remarks and Scott gave a little speech which of course included a part of Dr. Seuss's "O the Places You'll Go" because that seems to be a part of most graduations.
 These two didn't quite have a long enough attention span to sit through the entire thing when the stairs and the swing were tempting them.
 Nate getting his diploma.
 I am so proud of him!
 I made up a diploma for this little graduation and President Clark even signed it. :)
 I can't believe that we are both graduated now. School has been a part of our lives for so long and now we have to move onto the next part of our lives which is kind of scary and exciting at the same time.
 The part of the whole thing that the kids waited for- Swiss rolls that looked like little diplomas, popcorn, soda, jalapeno poppers, and popsicles. 
It was so fun to do our own little graduation- it was low key and chill and fit Nate's style perfectly.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Our House on the Lake

 Last week from Tuesday to Sunday we got to house sit for a family in the ward that has a house right on Lake Meridian. It was really fun and relaxing but I had to have surgery on Wednesday so most of the time I spent lying on the couch and watching tv. 
They had some good blueberry bushes so for the first few days we did a lot of picking and made some blueberry jam.
Dale and Margaret came over a few times (Dale kayaked over) and we enjoyed the beautiful view.
 Relaxing with Papa.
 Nate set up a chair for me so that I could put my feet in the water one day. It was nice to be able to go out and I would have loved to get all the way in the water if I could have. Nate was so amazing in taking care of both Paige and I. I married one amazing guy!
 Paige loved getting in the water a little way as long as there were rocks to pick up and throw.
 What a hard life- chilling in a hammock while dad picks me all the blueberries that I want.
 All gone.
 More pictures of the cutest little girl having fun on the hammock.
 Saying "cheese".
 Got more blueberries from daddy.
 On Saturday Anna and Scott and their family and Dale and Margaret came over for a bbq and to celebrate Mikey's birthday with a swim party. 
 These two are good friends most of the time and will be for a long time.
 Fun swim party with Nona.
 How can you resist a face like that even with cheese hot dog all over it?
 She even got to try on the small life jacket and looked as cute as can be.
 Our wonderful house on the lake- we enjoyed our time here and would totally house sit here again.
 Margaret wanted pictures of the sunset each night so here is a small collage off them all.