Monday, December 4, 2017

One Mo

 We are loving our little BB (baby Baylor)! The month of November flew by and she is already one month old. It seems like she has been with us much longer and we are loving every minute of it except maybe the lack of sleep. :)
Baylor is such a good baby and here is what she is up to at one month:

  • She is a really smiley baby especially in the mornings and when she is falling asleep. The older she gets the more she smiles at you which we all love so much.
  • She is finally starting to like the binky which is wonderful.
  • She is content but a grunter which is hard to sleep through.
  • She likes her hand in fists and has started to suck on them more.
  • She LOVES the shower even just the sound of it will instantly make her completely calm.
  • When she is awake she is very alert and will study whoever is talking to her. She especially loves Paige when she talks to her.
  • She is very wiggly and loves to kick her legs.
  • She loves to be naked and to have her diaper changed. She doesn't mind having a dirty diaper but is happy when you change her.
  • She likes to stare at you with her head way back when you are burping her.

And here are a few more photos of the cutest one month old. 
I know it's blurry but I love it when she does this open mouth smile and her eyes squint because she is smiling so big.
 The alert stare when she is studying you.
 Paige loves it when her pants have something on the bum. It is so cute on little babies!
 We love you so much Baylor and you fit into our family perfectly!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Thanksgiving Weekend

 We had a great Thanksgiving weekend filled with visiting with lots of family. I got surprise visitors on Tuesday night- Erika and Amy came to spend the weekend with us and meet their newest niece. It was awesome to see them. We got to visit with them for a bit Tuesday night and then Wednesday they came with us to see Paige get an award at school and then we headed up to Seattle to go to the big Goodwill and enjoy some lunch together. That evening we just visited and they got some last minute things for Thanksgiving.

Thursday we spent the day at Dale and Margaret's house with all the Smiths. It was a lot of people but so great to see them all. Baylor was passed around all day and I pretty much saw her when I needed to feed her. Paige loved all the cousin time.

Dale decided that he wanted to deep fry a turkey this year and it was quite the gathering to watch it all happen.
 All ready to eat! We all went to the church to eat dinner and it was so good. I love Thanksgiving and I am so grateful for the amazing food to eat and be surrounded by family that I love.
 After dinner the kids had fun playing in the gym while the adults cleaned up.

Paige and Carly had lots of fun together- they are the same height even though Paige is a 1 1/2 years older than Carly. :)
 Then we had some pictures:
Everyone in attendance
 The Dale and Margaret Smith clan
 Grand kids
 Dale and Margaret with their 5
 Then the siblings- we had lots of laughs throughout this part of the photo shoot
 Then we had some sweet potato races- you had to push the potato with your head.
 The kids came up with another race to do- slide on your back across the floor.
 Then Friday was spent at Dale and Margaret's again just enjoying family time.
 We went on a walk on the Soos Creek Trail with Mike and his boys.
 Then the rest of the cousins came over after lunch and all the cousins had at fun playing at the park.
 We had a big family dinner of turkey bone soup that Dale makes every year and that evening we just visited. I went to Trader Joe's with Erika and Amy before we headed home for the evening.

Saturday we went to Black Diamond to enjoy some donuts for breakfast with Erika and Amy and then walked around the little antique shop they have there and also a museum. We spent most of the morning there before we went to Ivar's for lunch until Erika and Amy left to go to the airport. Paige loved spending some time with her aunts and it was fun to have some Idaho family come and visit us.
 That evening the Smiths that were still here all went to the Covington Aquatic Center for a family swim. Margaret rented the pool for an hour so we had it all to ourselves. I didn't swim even though I wish I could have but it was really entertaining to watch everyone.
 This little cutie kept me company while everyone swam.
 Then we went home and had some dinner and it was more cousin time for Paige and Baylor got some cousin time too.
 These two have birthdays in December and got to get some money from the birthday money jar. 
 It was such a great weekend and I loved being with all the family though I am ready to get into a bit more of a routine and enjoy my little family of four.

I love seeing all the things Paige brings home from school especially during the holidays and here are some Thanksgiving things she did for school.
 I thought it was funny that her third thing was forgiveness. That is a good one but I have no idea what made her think of it.
 This one was a homework assignment and it was fun to brainstorm ideas with her in how to disguise her turkey. She came up with making it look like a cat. I gave her the idea of making the eyes look like cat eyes and make the gobble be a name tag but she came up with the rest. The name tag says "Cat's name: Thankful." I love that after she was done she added the meow signs and the food and water at the bottom. She is such a creative girl! Her turkey got first place at school and she got a coloring book as a prize.
 Then she made this Thanksgiving book at home.
'The story about the turkey"
 "Once upon a time there was a turkey. And the turkey found a flower. It was a sparkly one."
"And she loved it!!! The end!!!!"

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Life with a Newborn

 We are slowly adjusting to life with two kids and life with a newborn. It seems like Baylor has been a part of our family for so much longer than two weeks. The month of October seemed to go on forever waiting for her to come and now November is flying by. I am tired a lot and Baylor is pretty consistent with eating about every two hours even at night. It is a roller coaster of emotions on some days. I feel like I need to spend more time with Paige but I feel like I am feeding Baylor all the time and taking care of her. I also wish I recovered faster but have to tell myself to take it easy and that I just had major surgery. I have moments where I cry because of being tired or feeling like I am not doing a good enough job. But there are way more moments of complete joy. Seeing Nate be so amazing at spending time with both of his girls and being a dad to a newborn just melts my heart and makes me love him even more. Seeing Paige interact and always want to give Baylor kisses and seeing how Baylor loves listening to Paige talk. I love when Baylor is awake and happy- she is very smiley and she just stares at you and wants to study your face. I love snuggling a little baby again and am so incredibly grateful that I get to have another child to love and adore. 

Just a few photos of our newest little model
 Nate loves his girls so much!
 Pregame nap time
Baylor's first bath at home- it was a family activity and Paige loved helping. Baylor loved the water just like her sister.
 Baylor was quite content the entire time and Paige decided to get in the water and join her sister for bath time. Paige was enjoying herself until Baylor decided to poop in the water and Nate had to hurry and pull Paige out of the tub before the poop water got to her. We will see how long it takes Paige to take another bath with her sister. :)
 Baylor has been quite smiley even since the day she was born. She smiles the most when she is falling asleep and it is so cute to watch.
 My parents came to meet their newest grandchild and also to help me out. My dad stayed for the first week and my mom stayed behind for another week. It has been so nice to have so many helpers around to take Paige to school and hold a baby while I do some other things, rest, and recover. 
 Paige loves to pick out Baylor's outfit for the day and on this day she decided to do coordinating outfits and so it led to the cutest photo shoot with two of the cutest girls. I am one lucky mama!