Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Oregon Coast

 Sunday we headed from Coos Bay and headed up Highway 101 up the Oregon Coast. It was absolutely beautiful! I loved driving along the ocean and seeing the endless beauty of it all.

Sunday's adventures includes lots of views of the ocean, lots of lighthouses, and some fun on the beach.
 Our lunch on the beach- the seagulls were little beggars and wanted to take all of our food.
 We drove up to this lookout point. It was an incredible view!
 Then we headed to the beach. It was a rocky beach that had amazing waves crashing on them and some sand that Paige loved.
 Baby Cinderella went on many adventures during this trip and was dragged around everywhere.
 This was the tallest lighthouse on the Oregon Coast (I think).
 The hotel we stayed in had a swimming pool and so we decided to go for a little swim in the morning before we headed out.
 Monday's adventures included more lighthouses, Tillamook Cheese Factory, and more amazing beaches and ocean views.
 My delicious ice cream!
 This was my favorite part of the day. We went on this beautiful hike that led to a beautiful beach that I could have spent all day exploring.
 Paige wanted to stop every so often to get a picture with Baby Cinderella.
 There was drift wood and lots of rocks, a beautiful sandy beach, and a stream that goes right into the ocean. Paige loved playing in the stream
 Our next last stop for the day was Seaside. We watched the sunset on the beach and settled in for the night.
 Tuesday's adventures included a stop at the candy store with hundreds of flavors of saltwater taffy, walking around a little mall in Seaside for my mom to get a souvenir, Lewis and Clark park, Astoria, and our last lighthouse for the trip.
 Paige didn't want to try out the bed but Baby Cinderella did.
 Our stop at Astoria was a bust- we were going to go to Bowpickers for lunch but they were closed and we were going to climb the Astoria Column but it was also closed for renovations.
 Our last view of the ocean before getting off the highway and heading home. It was a great trip and the Oregon Coast is so beautiful!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Coos Bay

 Running in the annual Prefontaine race has been something that my dad has wanted to do for awhile and this year happened to be the year where we could all go. We met my parents in Eugene and stopped at the stadium there where Prefontaine ran for college. My dad and I ran around the track. I am not sure if we were supposed to but it was open.
 Then we headed down to Coos Bay and stayed with Dorie for the weekend. We got there Thursday and after settling in, our first stop was the beach to enjoy the sunset. Paige was in heaven running around barefoot drawing in the sand and gathering seashells
 Friday we started our day going to Shore Acres. We enjoyed listening to the ocean while going on a beautiful walk.
 Then next activity for the day was crabbing. This is the one thing Nate wanted to do and I got to experience it for the first time. I loved it. It was a lot of fun and exciting!
 Measuring to see if it he was a keeper.
 I was SO scared to hold the crab. I thought he was going to whip around and pinch me.
 Paige's picture with the seal.
 I knew he was dead but I was scared he was suddenly going to come alive and attack me.
 Saturday was the big race.
 Paige, Mom, and I walked the 2 mile race and my dad ran the 10k.
 Finishing up. Just had to go around the track. 
 Finishing strong.
 The guy in the yellow ran with Prefontaine in the Olympics and in college (I think).
 After we recovered from the race and got cleaned up we headed back to the beach.
Paige said she wanted to build a sand castle the other evening when we were on the beach so this time we came prepared and Paige loved it. She could have spent all day there just playing in the sand. She wanted nothing to do with the water but loved the sand.
 Then we headed over to the sand dunes.
 More sand for Paige to love.
 Jumping down the dune is always a good time.
 It was an awesome weekend! Nate and Dale left Sunday after church to head back home since they had to work and the rest of us took a couple of days to drive up the Oregon coast. More pictures to come!