Thursday, July 27, 2017


 On Tuesday we went on a day adventure with Margaret and Anna and her kids. It was such a fun-filled day. We drove up to Bellevue and first stopped at the Seattle Temple and walked around.
On one side of the temple there is a pretty steep hill and the kids really liked rolling down the hill and it didn't matter to them that the grass was all wet.
 It was a beautiful, sunny day and the temple grounds are always so gorgeous and we enjoyed walking around and taking lots of pictures.
 Oh how I love this little girl! She is my constant companion and does everything with me. I was thinking about her going to kindergarten and that there won't be as many of these day adventures since she will be in school and it made me sad to think about. I love my little companion and always having her with me.
 We then walked through a path that led to this huge park. It is a really awesome park with lots of green space and a really fun playground. We had a picnic for lunch and then the kids spent some time on the playground.
 She is just too cute!
 Then we drove to the Bellevue Botanical Gardens. I loved it here! It was so beautiful and I could have spent much longer here. It is pretty big and we didn't get to see it all. I would love to go back with Nate sometime when it is not quite as hot.
 She loved having this map and leading the way.
 On the map there were some fun things for kids to find and this was one of them- a frog statue that you can put money in that helps with the gardens.
 I told Paige to pose by this and this is the face I got. She is such a silly girl.
 Another thing to find on her map- the hobbit door. She pretended to knock and I could see the concern on her face that if she really did knock that someone would answer it. :)
 We then ended our fun adventure at Triple X for root beer floats. Paige and I shared one and it was really good. Thanks Nona for suggesting the adventure and taking us along!
 Then yesterday we went back up to Bellevue with Anna and her kids to go to a new playground/splash pad. We got Subway on the way and had lunch at the park and the kids enjoyed a couple hours of playing. It was a really fun park and I am glad there was the splash area because it was a pretty hot day.
 Paige spent most of her time following Eliza around and being her "babysitter". It was cute to watch and Paige absolutely loves Eliza. Paige will be one amazing big sister.
 There was this waterfall that Paige went through a couple of times. She was very tentative at first and it took her awhile to go through since there was lots of kids but once she went through she had a big grin on her face and was so proud of herself. 
It was another fun day and thanks Anna for the invite and taking us along with you! We have loved all these adventures for the week and spending our summer days outside.

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